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18k Gold Vermeil

Peony Bold Ring

18k Gold Vermeil

Liguria Logo Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Benevento Pearl Ring

18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls

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A stunning addition to your fave bracelet, necklace, or hoop earrings, charms allow you to make your jewelry unique to you while adding a little extra bling that never goes amiss. All our styles are thoughtfully designed to allow you to mix and match and try something new every day, or create your very own signature piece.



14k massivgold A / 14k Weißgold / Laborgezüchtete DiamantenB / 14k Massivgold / Laborgezüchtete Diamanten
Lab-Grown Diamond Letter Charm Sale priceCHF 300 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds
Trending AB
Trending Solana CharmSolana Charm
14k massivgold Out of stock Solana 14k Gold CharmSolana 14k Gold Charm
Saint CharmSaint Charm
14k massivgold Saint 14k Gold CharmSaint 14k Gold Charm
Out of stock Ohana Pearl CharmOhana Pearl Charm
Ohana Pearl Charm Sale priceCHF 81 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Out of stock Ohana Onyx CharmOhana Onyx Charm
Saint-Rose CharmSaint-Rose Charm
14k massivgold Saint-Rose 14k Gold CharmSaint-Rose 14k Gold Charm
14k massivgold Coeur CharmCoeur Charm
Coeur Charm Sale priceCHF 1,659 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds
14k massivgold AB
Marea CharmMarea Charm
Out of stock Loire Pearl CharmLoire Pearl Charm
Out of stock Leone CharmLeone Charm
Fleur Charm SeashellFleur Charm Seashell
Out of stock Fleur Small Charm SeashellFleur Small Charm Seashell
925 Sterling SilverFleur Charm
925 Sterling SilverFleur Small Charm
Fleur Charm ButtermilkFleur Charm Buttermilk
Fleur Charm SageFleur Charm Sage
Fleur Small Charm SageFleur Small Charm Sage
Stella CharmStella Charm


How to clean charms

Lather up a mild soap and gently rub your charm with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Then simply give your treasure a rinse in clean water, lay it down on soft fabric (a tissue will do), and let it air dry. You can also remove little specs of dirt and prevent early mattifying with a cleaning wipe, but ensure it's suitably sensitive.

Because your jewelry deserves only the best, we've put together a Cleaning Kit to make your life easier and ensure your piece stays sparkling.

How to keep your charm from tarnishing

Store your charm in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and both chlorinated and salt water, as these may remove the shine from your charm and leave it looking matte. And don't forget to take your jewelry off before doing sport to ensure it stays with you for years to come.