Fine jewellery made responsibly

Sustainability & Ethics

At BRUNA we only use environmentally friendly & cruelty-free processes for developing & manufacturing your future vintage pieces. We take every step possible to minimize our carbon footprint & act sustainably in each & every field of our business. When it comes to sustainability, we want to walk the walk as well as talking the talk. Here’s how we contribute: 

Our Factories

As an ethical brand we care about everyone involved in the production process. Our delicate pieces are carefully handcrafted in small-scale, family-owned and ethically run factories. All our local artisans in Italy and Thailand have been educated and passed on their expertise through the generations. We insist on safe and healthy working conditions, including an adequate wage, a decent work-life balance and time off. We will never accept child labour. EVER! We only work with audited suppliers and members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, a non-profit certification organisation that monitors human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, and mining practices throughout the jewellery supply chain.

Our Materials & Packaging

We are very aware that the extraction of raw materials has a big impact upon the environment, which is why 100% of our pure Gold and Sterling Silver is already recycled and sourced from certified companies. All our other natural materials like gemstones and organic pearls are responsibly sourced and environmentally conscious. Find out more about our materials here!

At BRUNA we are convinced that beautiful packaging should not harm the environment. That’s why we decided to eliminate plastic from our supply chain and mainly use recycled & FSC-certified materials along with water-based inks. Using recycled materials helps to save resources and reduces the amounts of waste going to landfills. 

Giving Back

We are committed to limiting our social and environmental impacts, not only through our sourcing and supply chain, but also through direct corporate responsibility initiatives close to our heart. That is why we joined 1% for the Planet – a global movement of businesses and individuals investing in a healthier future to protect our planet. Through this movement, BRUNA has pledged to donate 1% of our annual revenues to environmental organizations who are preserving and restoring the natural environment with the help of our donations. Learn more about becoming a voice for the environment at

However, we are by no means perfect and strive for constant improvement. If you have any suggestions on becoming more environmentally friendly, kindly drop us a message to