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Drop Earrings

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Peony Bold Ring

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Liguria Logo Cuff Bracelet

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Benevento Pearl Ring

Or vermeil 18ct et perles

Turin Cuff Bracelet

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Aria Ring

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The perfect wedding jewellery (for brides and guests!)

If you’re anything like us you’ll be dreaming about what to wear on your big day, whether it’s coming up quick or still a distant dream! And even if you’re not into the whole wedding thing, being there to support a loved one on their wedding day does always make you feel good too – plus who doesn’t love the canapes, gorgeous outfits and flowing champagne!

One of the big questions that always lingers in our minds leading up to a wedding, whether you’re a bride, a close friend or a plus one, is what to wear! So, this wedding season we’ve decided to help you out, giving you a little insight into our top tips for wedding accessories, from easy-peasy layering sets and classic stylish accessories for guests to elegant whites to accompany bridal ware.