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How To Layer Your Necklaces - The Ultimate Guide

Whether putting on our go-to outfit of a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans or dressing up for a night out - you will always see us layering our favourite BRUNA necklaces! Keep on reading to discover our ultimate tips on how to create the perfect necklace stack.


The beauty about layering necklaces is that there are no strict rules! We love playing around and experimenting with chokers, chains and pendants. However, to achieve an effortless signature look we love following these general tips when layering our necklaces.

1. Choose varying lengths to build your necklace stack.

Start with a choker and add one or two longer necklaces to create the ultimate layering effect. We love wearing a choker and a longer necklace with a t-shirt and a 3-layered necklace stack when wearing a V-neck top or dress!

Our BRUNA necklaces come in five different lengths - two signature choker lengths of 34cm and 36cm as well as three signature necklace lengths of 40cm, 45cm and 50cm.

2. Choose your favourite metal for your necklace stack.

To create a more effortless look, choose one colour for the necklaces that you would love to layer. Are you a golden girl or a silver lover?

3. Mix & match different types of necklace chains.

Beaded, chain, twisted, rope, herringbone - choose different types of necklaces to create depth within your necklace stack. From chunky to fine - the options are endless with our selection of BRUNA necklaces!

4. Choose where you want to draw the attention to.

Would you love to style your latest pendant necklace by adding a couple of necklaces for a layered look? Or prefer to keep it simple by layering simple golden chains and chokers to enhance your daily outfits? Think about what you would love to achieve with your layered necklace look and style your go-to jewellery pieces accordingly!

Get inspired with these BRUNA necklace stacks we have created for you

To elevate your go-to dress, layer the POSITANO necklace with the SAINT ROSE charm with the MONTI necklace worn at choker length.


Positano Necklace & Saint Rose Charm

Adjustable chain length: 45 cm + 5 cm extender


Monti Necklace

Adjustable chain length: 40 cm + 5 cm extender

Get inspired with these BRUNA necklace stacks we have created for you

From brunch dates to Zoom meetings and home-cooked dinners with friends, layer these three BRUNA necklaces to add a little something!


Marquesa Choker
Adjustable choker length: 36 cm + 4 cm extender


Monti Necklace

Adjustable chain length: 40 cm + 5 cm extender


Como Necklace

Adjustable chain length: 50 cm + 5 cm extender