Behind-the-scenes of BRUNA's birthday

We are pulling back the curtain. Come have a little peek at our brilliant BRUNA birthday party and see what kind of events you can look forward to as a BRUNA Club friend...

Invitations sent? Check. BRUNA Team touched down in Vienna? Check. Sneakers laced up, ready to go? Check. Our favorite BRUNA jewelry, polished and shining? Check. Ok, let's go!

Team BRUNA arrives in Vienna.

To celebrate our birthday, our BRUNA founders Helena and Simon invited our whole team to Vienna for three days. We were absolutely delighted to spend so much time with our team members in person, as we usually work remotely!

Day 1: The arrival

Our team arrived with excitement in Vienna, one by one. We are an international group from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, and South Africa, to name a few. For many of us, this was the first time we were going to meet in person, and we could not wait!

We checked into our sleek accommodations and prepared to meet the team. With only a cheeky hint from Helena to dress in "sporty athleisure", we departed for our mystery meet-up destination.

Once meeting the team, Simon and Helena began to lead us to the secret location. We leisurely walked up the scenic Austrian hills, taking in the painterly scene. We laughed and chatted so much that we barely noticed that we were already at the top! There, we were greeted with a lovely Austrian vineyard, where we sat at long wooden tables at enjoyed the restaurant's delectable food and wine all night. What a start to the event!

Day 2: Pumped-up kicks

Spirits still running high from the previous evening's fun, our team met up the next morning to go on a little time travel through Vienna's rich history. However, this wasn't your typical tour. As always, Helena and Simon infused joy and playfulness into our morning, taking us through a 5D cinema and seeing multimedia shows and wax figures.

After our walk through the city, we jumped for joy at a trampoline park, where BRUNA quite literally reached new heights! After this invigorating sport session, we headed off to a lovely restaurant where we had (yet another!) fantastic dinner.

Day 3: Our birthday begins

We woke on Friday morning brimming with excitement for the most anticipated day of the trip: our third birthday party. We would finally get to celebrate BRUNA with our special friends from our community and toast to everything we have built together.

To start the day, Helena and Simon took us to an energizing workout class. It was just the boost we needed to get the day off on the right foot. Speaking of which, we then laced up our sneakers and headed out to do some more exploring of beautiful Vienna, immersing ourselves in the capital's remarkable elegance, culture, and story.

With our hearts feeling full from soaking up this stunning city and spending time with our incredible team, we parted ways to get ready for the big event, with another hint from Helena to "wear what makes you feel fabulous!".

BRUNA's first community event.

Glasses were clinking, stories exchanged, and new friends were made at every turn. Our third birthday marked the launch of BRUNA Club, and we toasted the beginning of our golden circle growing. We partied with a small group of friends in an intimate venue, celebrating the beautiful community we have built in the last three years.

Heartwarming speeches were given by Helena, Bermet (our online team lead), and Nina from the Jane Goodall Institute, to whom Helena and Simon presented a gift of a check for EUR 22,800.00, commemorating our shared dedication and love for the planet.

Just the start of BRUNA Club

This was just the first of the many parties we will throw for our BRUNA Club. We can't thank you enough for being the heart of BRUNA. We wouldn't be who we are without you.

So, come on in and join us at BRUNA Club; we are waiting for you! Want to discover more of the perks of being in our close-knit circle of friends? From handpicked gifts and members-only drops to special parties and early access to new collections, BRUNA Club is a home where you and our beautiful community can celebrate with joy and connect with us and each other.

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