Get The Weisn Look: Dirndl Jewelry Ideas For Oktoberfest

Glossy pearls and chic dirndls? Sounds like a smashing match if you ask us! To celebrate Wiesn, (aka, Oktoberfest), BRUNA took part in the popular Madlwiesn event, styling some of our most-darling VIPs and influencers in our bestselling pieces. The delightful event was held in Munich’s most famous hotel, Bayrischer Hof, with a floor transformed into a styling lounge where guests could indulge in blowout bars, makeup applications, refreshments and fashion.

It was incredible to be able to bond with our guests and show them how to style our jewelry. These are some of the pieces that our lovely group styled with their traditional dirndls for a fresh, romantic take on the classic look. Keep scrolling to see how to get the “Weisn look”!

Gold and Silver Hoops

Our most-loved pieces of the event? Our oh-so shiny gold and silver hoops. Our guests fawned over how the pieces added a touch of on-trend 90s minimalism to their charming dirndls.

Pearl Chokers

Another gem our lovely influencers and VIPs couldn’t get enough of at the Madlwiesn? Pearl chokers. And, it seems fitting, doesn’t it? Pearls perfectly compliment the nostalgic and romantic aura that the traditional atmosphere and clothing imparts, with a little bit of added edge thanks to the choker design.


These little jewels of delight were absolutely adored by all who saw them at the event. From our delicate Saint-Rose Charm (our founder Helena’s special combination with her choker), to the heavenly Saint Charm, our charms showcase your personality, whether you’re in a dirndl or your athleisure!


We had so much fun at Oktoberfest with our dear BRUNA friends! It was so inspiring to see heritage blended seamlessly with fashion-forward styles. We hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your very own Wiesn look!

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