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Charm hoops

Charm hoops

Let your jewelry embody your spirit with a pair of fun-loving charm hoops. The appeal of these playful styles lies in the fact that they can express whatever you want them to. Choose between whichever of our ethical gold and silver styles takes your fancy and let your jewelry do the talking.



New Gironde Onyx Mini HoopsGironde Onyx Mini Hoops
New Trending Gironde Topaz Mini HoopsGironde Topaz Mini Hoops
Gironde Topaz Mini Hoops Sale price€159 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Aurore Mini HoopsAurore Mini Hoops
New Aurore Onyx Mini HoopsAurore Onyx Mini Hoops
Aurore Onyx Mini Hoops Sale price€89 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Papillon Mini HoopsPapillon Mini Hoops
New Amitié Mini Hoops925 Sterling Silver
Amitié Mini Hoops Sale price€95 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
Bestseller Monaco HoopsMonaco Hoops
Monaco Hoops Sale price€148 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Bestseller Milos Mini HoopsMilos Mini Hoops
Back in Stock Bestseller Amore Mini HoopsAmore Mini Hoops
Ohana Pearl Mini HoopsOhana Pearl Mini Hoops
Lacona HoopsLacona Hoops
Lacona Hoops Sale price€110 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
La Perla HoopsLa Perla Hoops
Florence HoopsFlorence Hoops
Back in Stock Solana HoopsSolana Hoops
Back in Stock Sanremo HoopsSanremo Hoops
Varenna EarringsVarenna Earrings
Varenna Earrings Sale price€105 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
14k massivgold AB
14k massivgold Verdon HoopsVerdon Hoops
Verdon Hoops Sale price€523 Regular price€550 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds
14k massivgold Praiano EarringsPraiano Earrings
Praiano Earrings Sale price€850 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds
Back in Stock Chamonix Mini HoopsChamonix Mini Hoops
Chamonix Mini Hoops Sale price€79 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Back in Stock Sevilla HoopsSevilla Hoops
Sevilla Hoops Sale price€89 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls


How to clean charm hoops

Lather up a mild soap and gently rub your charm hoops with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Then simply give your treasure a rinse in clean water, lay it down on soft fabric (a tissue will do), and let it air dry. You can also remove little specs of dirt and prevent early mattifying with a cleaning wipe, but ensure it's suitably sensitive.

Because your jewelry deserves only the best, we've put together a Cleaning Kit to make your life easier and ensure your pieces stay sparkling.

How to keep your charm hoops from tarnishing

We use only high-quality, ethical gold and silver when creating our charm earrings. Although they're made from top-notch materials and are designed to last, gold and silver charm hoops may tarnish if they're not cleaned and stored properly. Store your jewelry in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and both chlorinated and salt water, as these may remove the shine from your charm hoops and leave them looking matte. And don't forget to take your jewelry off before doing sport to ensure they stay with you for years to come.