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Drop Earrings

18k Gold Vermeil

Peony Bold Ring

18k Gold Vermeil

Liguria Logo Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Benevento Pearl Ring

18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls

Turin Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Aria Ring

18k Gold Vermeil


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Hoops are simply a must-have for any modern jewelry lover. With a wide variety of sizes and the choice between chunky and delicate styles, there's a hoop for every occasion! Pick up whichever takes your fancy - gold or silver, simple or pearl-adorned - and watch it transform your look. The beauty of hoops is that they're fit for day-to-day use but can also flawlessly dress up an evening outfit.



Bestseller Merida Medium HoopsMerida Medium Hoops
Bestseller 925 Sterling SilverMerida Large Hoops
New Trending Merida Topaz HoopsMerida Topaz Hoops
Merida Topaz Hoops Sale price€149 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
Bestseller Isola Small HoopsIsola Small Hoops
Bestseller Isola Medium HoopsIsola Medium Hoops
Bestseller Isola Large HoopsIsola Large Hoops
New Trending 925 Sterling SilverLumière Onyx Hoops
Lumière Onyx Hoops Sale price€89 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
Bestseller Monaco HoopsMonaco Hoops
Monaco Hoops Sale price€148 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Trending Out of stock Taormina Mini HoopsTaormina Mini Hoops
Taormina Mini Hoops Sale price€89 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Trending Ava HoopsAva Hoops
Back in Stock Samos Large HoopsSamos Large Hoops
Bestseller Milos Mini HoopsMilos Mini Hoops
Bestseller Saint-Tropez HoopsSaint-Tropez Hoops
14k massivgold Saint-Tropez 14k Gold HoopsSaint-Tropez 14k Gold Hoops
Bestseller Vicenza Small HoopsVicenza Small Hoops
Bestseller Out of stock Vicenza Medium HoopsVicenza Medium Hoops
Bestseller Vicenza Large HoopsVicenza Large Hoops
Lightweight 925 Sterling SilverCalais Medium Hoops
Lightweight Calais Large HoopsCalais Large Hoops
Saint-Tropez Large HoopsSaint-Tropez Large Hoops
925 Sterling SilverFaraglioni Small Hoops
Faraglioni Small Hoops Sale price€119 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Faraglioni Medium HoopsFaraglioni Medium Hoops
Campania HoopsCampania Hoops
Back in Stock Lightweight 925 Sterling SilverCorsica Small Hoops
Back in Stock Lightweight Corsica Medium HoopsCorsica Medium Hoops
La Perla HoopsLa Perla Hoops
Miele EarringsMiele Earrings
14k massivgold 14k White GoldMimosa Small Hoops
14k massivgold Mimosa Medium HoopsMimosa Medium Hoops
14k massivgold Mimosa Large HoopsMimosa Large Hoops
Marinella HoopsMarinella Hoops
Out of stock Marea EarringsMarea Earrings
Florence HoopsFlorence Hoops
Solana HoopsSolana Hoops
Sanremo HoopsSanremo Hoops
Sanremo Hoops Sale price€110 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
Varenna EarringsVarenna Earrings
Varenna Earrings Sale price€105 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
14k massivgold Lumière HoopsLumière Hoops
Lumière Hoops Sale price€690 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds


Are hoops heavy?

All of our hoops are crafted from high-quality, ethical gold and silver, so they're nice and light and won't hurt your ears.