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Muse Profile

Lois Schindeler

A glimpse into the life of BRUNA muse & artist, Lois Schindeler. We spoke with BRUNA model & muse Lois about her daily life, artistic explorations, and finding inspiration in the everyday.

Please introduce yourself

Hi! I am Lois, 26-year-old Amsterdam-based model and aspiring artist.

For our latest campaign Amalfitana, we traveled off to the Amalfi Coast together.

What was your highlight from this campaign trip?

The team! Loved working with such a kind, talented and young team. We had so much fun and it felt like a little holiday. Also, LOVE the fact that everything is shot on film.

Your go-to jewellery picks for every day?

For me, it’s always a simple necklace that I never have to take off and small uncomplicated earrings. For something more special a bigger earring is best.

Who or what inspires your own sense of style?

I don’t have one person who inspires me, I look around and bring a lot from my travels into work. I find so much of my inspiration from there.

When you are not traveling for work you are:

You will find me painting and working on my art business mostly. I also use this downtime to take care of my body, working out, enjoy time with friends & family, and taking my horse out into the forest.

When did you first start drawing / painting?

I think it’s one of the first things I did as a kid! I started drawing from the age I could hold a pencil.

We love the vibrant colours & abstract shapes that your artworks tend to feature.

How would you describe your artistic style of expression?

I’d like to say it’s timeless, playful, and fresh.

Who, where, or what inspires your artwork most?

I love big artists like Picasso and Jean Arp, but architecture and shapes found in nature are a big part too. I look a lot at tribal art from Africa, South America, and Native Americans. Love to incorporate a sense of soul - of something old into a new fresh and modern work.

To be creative is to…

Let everything go and just do what feels good. Sky’s the limit!

You favourite pieces of jewellery and why?

I love my BRUNA gold necklace, the Fontelina. It's timeless & so beautiful - something I can wear every day.

When you are not working or creating you are:

Working out, I’m such a workout junkie! I love being outside in nature with my horse, it keeps me grounded. And of course, relaxing on the couch with my boyfriend and 2 cats.

BRUNA Muse | Lois Schindeler

Captured on film by Lois in her Amsterdam home

@loisschindeler | @byloisschindeler