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Anna Maria and Katharina Damm

This month, BRUNA sits down with sisters and content creators Anna Maria Damm and Katharina Damm. Discover their everyday routine, what's in their shoulder bags, their favorite cafe to meet for coffee, and—of course—their must-have jewelry essentials.

What did you love about growing up with your sister?

Anna Maria: Having a sister is the best. You always have someone to play with, someone to annoy, and someone you can trust 100%.

Katharina: EVERYTHING. You always have a playmate, whether you want to or not. A person you can trust 100%. You can argue with your sister until you butt heads and the next moment you're hugging again.

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

Anna Maria: My typical weekday is pretty routine. In the morning, I work on content creation and from lunchtime onwards I'm busy being a mom!

Katharina: For a content creator and mom, there's no typical day of the week. Every day is an adventure.

Do you share a favorite cafe?

Anna Maria: We love Café Damals and often meet there in the afternoon for coffee and cake.

Katharina: Sometimes for brunch too!

How would you describe each other's 9-to-5 style?

Anna Maria: Kat often goes for a typical Old Money look.

Katharina: A tracksuit but make it fashion. That's Anna Maria.

How do you stay organized when on-the-go?

Anna Maria: I keep an eye on my appointments digitally. I'll also write a list in advance to make sure I have everything I need with me.

Katharina: I don't carry any unnecessary equipment and I make sure everything has its place.

What’s one thing that you can always find in your sister's shoulder bag?

Anna Maria: Kat always has her Tamagotchi with her in case it needs to be fed!

Katharina: Disinfectant haha.

What’s your sister's everyday jewelry piece she can’t live without?

Anna Maria: She loves BRUNA's Corsica Hoops!

Katharina: Anna Maria wears the Miseno Necklace with the Pearl Letter Charms “J” and “A” 24/7.


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