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18k Gold Vermeil

Peony Bold Ring

18k Gold Vermeil

Liguria Logo Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Benevento Pearl Ring

18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls

Turin Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Aria Ring

18k Gold Vermeil


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Stacking rings

Stacking rings

Stacking rings are the perfect addition to any jewelry box, allowing you to mix and match and express your personality however you're feeling on any given day. These dainty delights come in all different shapes and are adorned with glistening gems and unique pearls, set within ethical gold vermeil and sterling silver.



New Peony Bold RingPeony Bold Ring
Back in Stock Bestseller Tuscany RingTuscany Ring
New Trending Aria RingAria Ring
New Trending Tuscany Loop RingTuscany Loop Ring
New Trending Marconi RingMarconi Ring
New Corvina Onyx RingCorvina Onyx Ring
New Trending Corvina Pearl RingCorvina Pearl Ring
Bestseller Peony Mini RingPeony Mini Ring
Limited Edition New Mom RingMom Ring
Rosemary RingRosemary Ring
Rosemary Ring Sale priceCHF 137 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Prado RingPrado Ring
Floret RingFloret Ring
Samos RingSamos Ring
Bestseller Antibes RingAntibes Ring
Antibes Ring Sale priceCHF 53 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
14k massivgold Alba RingAlba Ring
14k massivgold Lecce RingLecce Ring
14k massivgold Out of stock Dolce RingDolce Ring
14k massivgold Elba RingElba Ring
Out of stock Marino RingMarino Ring
14k massivgold Peony 14k Gold Mini RingPeony 14k Gold Mini Ring
14k massivgold Tuscany 14k Gold RingTuscany 14k Gold Ring
14k massivgold Revel RingRevel Ring
14k massivgold AC


How to create the perfect ring stack

Stacking rings isn't a cut-and-dry operation - and that's what's so great about it! What's important is finding pieces you like, dressing for the occasion, and creating that harmonious look. The best way to go about it is to start with one piece - whether it's your fave or you just want to highlight it - and build from there. Combine different metals, stones, and textures to create a stack that's as unique as you are.

How to keep your stacking rings from tarnishing

Store your stacking rings in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and both chlorinated and salt water, as these may remove the shine from your rings and leave them looking matte. And don't forget to take your jewelry off before doing sport to ensure it stays with you for years to come.