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Inés Richard

This month, in celebration of Mother's Day, BRUNA sits down with fashion influencer and mother Inés Richard. Learn about her style, what's in her shoulder bag, the things she loves to share with her daughter, and her BRUNA jewelry must-haves.

What's the best thing about being a mother?

The best thing about being a mother is seeing my daughter develop every day and sharing the deep understanding and love that she gives us so well.

What's one thing you share with your daughter?

I would say fashion. Even at 4 years old, she already has very distinct tastes! And dancing too. Although neither of us necessarily knows how to, we dance almost every day.

How would you describe your style?

I wouldn't say I have a defined style, but I like colorful pieces—especially pastel colors—as well as white and gold. I always try to create looks around these shades.

Does your daughter have a particular style? How is it similar or different from yours?

Yes, she loves pink and wants to wear it in every outfit. A bit like me, I must say!

What would we find in your shoulder bag?

Lip gloss, sunglasses, prescription glasses, a wallet, a scrunchie, and a pair of earrings just in case.

What's one thing you always bring along on outings with your daughter?

Her little bag with her blanket and a lip gloss that we share, because she loves putting it on with me!

What are the jewelry pieces you can't live without?

Definitely my BRUNA jewelry. You only have to look at my Instagram account over the last two years to see that I wear my favorite Prado Ring, Floret Ring, and Santorin Ring together every day, as well as my Chantilly Necklace with the Fleur Charm Seashell pendant.

Is there a piece of jewelry you want to pass on to your daughter when she's older?

Yes, a ring that my dad gave my mom when I was born.