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Birthday Gift Jewelry Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Them: “I never know what to get you….”
Her: “Oh, don’t worry. Anything is fine.”
Them: *ponders her response without end*
Us: “Hold my Milos Mini Hoops.”

This is a scenario no one wants. We get it. Finding the right gift for your girlfriend is no easy feat. The shopping terrain is wobbly and treacherous. There are so many choices, and you’re left without guidance. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled onto BRUNA.

Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry should be like playing a game of Guess Who? Ask yourself a series of questions:

What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday? What’s the right gift? When in the relationship should I gift jewelry? Will she like silver or gold? Minimal or bold jewelry?

Don’t you worry. As always, we are here to help. See? You’re already sighing with relief.

Whether you're looking for precious metals, heirloom-worthy gems, delicate everyday jewelry, or classic and on-trend styles, we are here to help. From pure gold pieces and lovely necklaces to signet rings and timeless earrings, there's a gift for every woman and moment. Just follow our fail-safe guide below!

Things you should know about before deciding on a gift

When should I give my girlfriend jewelry?

Giving jewelry as a gift celebrates a meaningful moment in your relationship. Whether you've been together for three months or three years, jewelry is a gift that will always be cherished and appreciated.

As for the timeline of when to give jewelry? It's really up to you. We would suggest that it's appropriate to gift jewelry once you've developed strong feelings for your girlfriend or said I love you. For many, this hits around the three-month mark, but this is an incredibly individual emotion, so it varies greatly from person to person and with each relationship.

Need some ideas for what jewelry to gift at a certain point in your relationship?

Three months:

This will probably be the first piece of jewelry you'll gift your girlfriend. It should be memorable and thoughtful but not overly expensive or over-the-top. We suggest pieces like our: Napoli Bracelet, Tahiti Studs, and Floret Studs.

After one year:

By this point, you have genuine and lasting feelings for your partner and are quite attached. You can show how much your partner means to you by giving them a beautiful gift. We recommend beautiful pieces such as our: Provence Necklace, Como Necklace Onyx, or Genova Earrings.

After three years:

You've been with your partner for a while now and couldn't imagine life without them. You love them and want to express your love with a meaningful and special gift. Some of our favorite ones are: Tahiti Necklace, Mercier Earrings, and Monterosso Set.

A note on rings:

While you may think a ring is a lovely gift, beware that this could make for an awkward encounter. If you’re already married or engaged, by all means, go ahead and gift a ring. However, if you’re not, this could evoke mixed feelings from your partner, especially if they could be expecting a proposal.

What kind of jewelry does your partner wear the most? Does she prefer minimal or bold pieces?

Take a moment to think. Envision your partner and try to recall what kind of jewelry they usually wear. Do they prefer delicate and subtle pieces, or are they dreamy and romantic? Maybe they are fun and bright? Mentally jot down her preferred style, as this will help guide you. When in doubt, every piece at BRUNA, by nature, is elegant, precious, and timeless, so you'll be sure to make an excellent choice!

Does she prefer gold or silver?

The color of the metal is quite personal. As just the way you may prefer only to wear muted neutrals, your girlfriend might have a strong preference for the color of the metal. Follow suit as above and take a look at her everyday jewelry. If you're unsure or if she mixes and matches, here's a good tip: If the relationship is relatively new, silver is exquisite and typically less costly than gold. If you've been together for some time, gold (especially our Solid Gold Collection) shows that you've invested in the gift, signifying her value to you and the relationship.

Choosing the right type of jewelry

Deciding on what gift to bestow upon your partner can be tricky. We’re here to offer a helping hand in that department, decoding what each type of jewelry could mean.


Necklaces make a handsome gift for every occasion. They are showcased close to the heart, so they are extra-romantic. Ancient cultures used necklaces as magical totems and talismans, protecting the wearer and giving them special powers.


For a delicate and sweet present, earrings are a go-to. Earrings are said to symbolize love and loyalty and don't carry the same conceptual weight as rings.


Earcuffs are a great gift to go along with a pair of earrings or to give before embarking on a sun-drenched vacation.


As noted above, rings ,while stunning, are in the grey area of gifting. If you're already fully committed, gifting a ring is a beautiful way to show your partner how special they are to you. However, if not, know that rings are directly associated with engagement and marriage.


Anklets are a unique gift to give to your partner. They are intimate and unexpected, making them all the more thoughtful!


Easy to wear and adored by pretty much everyone, bracelets are a wonderful gift to give, especially in the early stages of a relationship.


We hope that you can see, buying a beautiful gift is simpler than you might think. As always, we are happy to be your trusted guide, and hope you’ve found the perfect present. And just in case you were curious to see more, follow the link below to browse our ultimate gift guide.