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Jewelry layering: how to create the perfect look

Glitz, shine, and sparkle everywhere. Jewelry layering is one of the most loved trends of the moment, and that is for a very good reason. Nothing can transform a simple outfit into an outstanding look as quickly as high-quality jewelry. Whether with glamorous evening attire, in the office, or during your leisure time - enchanting layers of gold & silver are perfect for any occasion.

Can't get enough of this jewelry trend? Get inspired by our ultimate styling tips and find your new favorite jewels. We have selected the most beautiful combinations and explain step by step how you can create the perfect layering look.

Necklace Layering: This is how it's done

"Your creativity knows no limits." A great quote indeed, but how do you pull off a creative layering look that's stylish and harmonious at the same time? We've dug through our tips drawer and listed the best styling advice for you.

Tip Nº 1 Wear different length necklaces

Mix & match is the motto. Create a base and go for a short necklace - a so-called choker. This draws attention directly to your neck and offers enough space for other styles of necklaces. Once you have found the perfect choker, put on a longer layer necklace. Pieces with a length of about 40 to 45 cm are ideal for this. All good things come in threes. Decide on another necklace, which in the best case is another 5 to 10 cm longer to complete your look.

Your favorite necklace is too short, but you still want to incorporate it into your necklace stack? With our Extension Chain in 18k gold vermeil or 925 sterling silver, you can extend your chain by 4 cm.

Tip Nº 2 Mix different metals

Creating contrast is exactly what a layering look is all about. What was considered an absolute faux pas a few years ago is totally in style today - mixing your metals. That's perfect because you no longer have to choose one precious metal but can combine gold and silver jewelry to your heart's content. It's all in the mix - this also applies to other materials. Our high-quality necklaces made of recycled gold & sterling silver look exceptionally classy together with pearl necklaces.

Tip Nº 3 Choose a statement necklace

Take your layering look to the next level by going for an eye-catching statement necklace alongside delicate jewels. It serves as a key piece and makes your style even more exciting. The perfect choices for this are Y-design necklaces, chunky chains or designs with large baroque pearl.

Tip Nº 4 Combine delicate and bold necklaces

Add variety to your layering look by pairing subtle jewelry with bold styles. By doing so, you'll loosen up your ensemble and create a sophisticated eye-catcher. But no matter which necklaces you choose - always show who you are.

Ring Stacking: A knack for creative styles

Design, size & color - if you want to combine several rings, you need a good sense of style. But don't worry, we've summarized everything you need to know about this new trend. Ring stacking is all about one thing - combining as many types of ring styles as possible in a fashionable way. There are no fixed rules, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

- Mix different metals, stones, and textures. Not only can you create stunning stacks, but you can express your style with every look.
- Go for rings in different sizes and wrap your fingers in both lavish and delicate pieces.
- Decorate both hands with rings and leave at least one finger free on each hand when stacking (more is not always more).
- And our most important tip: Create stacks that you love! Because a ring party only succeeds if you feel comfortable.
Ready to learn more about the ring stacking trend? Here you will find out how to wear multiple rings.

Earring Stacking: Curate unique looks

Chocolate, gummy bears, and cookies are great, but Ear Candy is even sweeter. One piercing per ear? That's no longer enough for many trendsetters because where to put all the beautiful Hoops, Studs und Huggies? Whether stacks of studs only or creations of hoops and different earring styles - the choice is yours. However, be careful not to overload your ear and create harmonious combinations that suit your style.

Choose different sizes, metals & stones and wear multiple earrings that catch the eye right away, or opt for delicate jewelry that you can wear both at work and during your free time.

Our high-quality Earcuffs are the perfect jewelry if you don't have pierced ears, but are still hooked on the Earring Stacking trend.

Head to toe in gold & silver

We’ve written a lot about necklaces, rings & earrings, but your bracelets and anklets can also play the layering game. Whether completely wrapped in the same jewelry design (may we recommend our Sicily or Antibes jewelry pieces?) or a combination of different jewelry styles, it's entirely up to you.

Styling has never been easier!

Our just-for-you put-together layering sets transform any look into a stylish show-stopper. Discover unique combinations of our most popular jewelry pieces and add a special touch to all your outfits.

Jewelry Layering: We can't get enough!

As you can see, jewelry layering is easier than you think. If you follow our tips for layering jewelry and add your personal touch to every look, you're guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.
The most beautiful layering looks to recreate. Get inspired and find out how best to style your BRUNA jewelry pieces.