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How To Stack Your Rings

Ring stacking and jewellery layering have become huge trends over the last couple of years - and are set to continue in 2022 and beyond. But why is ring stacking such a sought-after look? And how can you achieve it without going overboard?

If you’re looking to enhance your jewellery style and make more of an impact, we’ve created an in-depth guide on how to stack your rings - answering all your burning questions and providing you with style tips on how to make stackable rings work for you.

What is ring stacking?

We know it might seem obvious, but ring stacking doesn’t just mean stacking rings on top of each other. Shocking, right?! Let’s get into the nuances of it.

Ring stacking is the process of wearing multiple rings on different fingers, as well as including accent or statement pieces too. This may mean wearing midi rings, mixing different metals, or actually stacking your rings on top of each other.

Stackable rings don’t have to look a certain way; it’s all about finding what works best for you. The beauty of the process is that you can adjust and update your style as you see fit.

Experimenting is key when it comes to ring stacking. Whilst one ring might not work with another, swapping and changing things up can help you create a look that’s just right. It might help to take pictures of your hands once you’ve finished a style that you’re happy with, that way, you can remember it for future reference.

How to wear stacking rings

Although ring stacking isn’t difficult, there is an art to it. You might have experimented with multiple rings before, but felt like you couldn’t get the look you wanted. To guide you through the process, we’ve created a robust list of how to wear stacking rings, helping you embrace your style, and exude confidence through your jewellery.

Mix and match your metals

When it comes to jewellery, whatever you’ve been told about mixing metals - ignore it. Although an all gold or all silver look can often be sophisticated and chic, it can sometimes look plain and uninteresting, particularly when it comes to stacking rings.

Pick one main metal and build your look from there - then incorporate a couple of accent pieces in a different metal to break up the monotony. This might be a thumb or midi ring, something that doesn’t dramatically clash but gives a slight twist.

Incorporate different shapes and styles

If you like a particular type of metal, mixing it with other metals might leave you feeling a little out of sorts. To take a step out of your comfort zone, incorporating different shapes and styles of the same metal can offer that mismatched feel.

Try thin and twisted, bold and chunky, smooth and sleek, and don’t forget gemstones and pearls. Thicker rings should be placed at the base of your fingers, as these might be a little too heavy as midi rings and potentially restrict movement. Delicate, thinner rings can be placed as midi rings, or as a juxtaposition to your chunkier styles.

Include midi rings to add a different element

We’ve briefly mentioned midi rings throughout this guide, but they definitely deserve their own section. The midi ring brings your ring stacking process together. It allows you to add an element of intrigue to your jewellery, without going overboard.

There are lots of different styles of midi rings to choose from, but they’re usually quite thin and delicate, so they don’t weigh the fingers down. Sitting just past the middle of the finger, towards your fingernail, they compliment your nail art, as well as look chic and interesting. If you’re unsure what size to buy for a midi ring, one or two sizes down from your usual should stay securely on.

Include a statement ring

You might already own a statement ring, such as your engagement ring or family heirloom. But statement rings don’t always have to feature a precious stone.

A statement stacking ring might be oversized or extra chunky - and it’s usually a good place to start when choosing your stack. It’s something to base the rest of your stacking style around, whether that’s contrasting metals or smaller weights. The statement ring can give you all the inspiration you need to make a stunningly stacked hand.

Include an accent ring

Similar to a statement ring, an accent ring can help shape how you stack the rest of your fingers. This is a piece that really shines - whether literally or figuratively. Usually, this would be a ring that complements the rest of your choices but offers something a little different, like a splash of colour.

Perhaps it’s a signet ring with a gemstone smiley face or a dainty gold floral ring. Accent stacking rings can really bring your personality into your jewellery.

Include a diamond ring

If you’re truly after some sparkle in your ring stacking, then a diamond ring can add that next level. A piece like this needs no introduction, so ensure it has a finger to itself - and perhaps even leave a finger bare (our next point) nearby, highlighting the diamond in all its glory.

Diamond rings, whether a full band or a simple solitaire, tend to work extremely well as stackable rings, and often match the other styles you might have picked.

Leave one finger bare

Having a ring on every finger can be, well, a LOT.

You might find it awkward to text, type or write - and it can definitely deter you from the style you’re trying to create. Leaving one finger bare on each hand can create space, allowing your other rings to breathe - and shine. The best fingers to leave bare would be your little (pinky) fingers and thumbs.

Stack both hands

It can be easy to forget that you have two hands that can be utilised for ring stacking - as you might be worried about going overboard. However, leaving one hand completely bare, whilst the other is dressed to the nines can sometimes look a little uneven.

Balance out your look by stacking rings on both hands, perhaps alternating your fingers. We’re not after symmetry here, but hands that complement each other. Just like our eyebrows, your stackable rings should be more like sisters than twins.

Use stones that complement each other

We’ve spoken previously about statement and accent rings - and although these don’t always have to feature a stone, it’s a great way to incorporate some colour and shine.

Choosing gemstones that complement each other, such as pearls and Onyx, can help you create a truly unique look that really makes an impact. If you’re mixing gemstone types and colours, keep your metals the same, so as not to create a style that’s a little busy and overwhelming.

Remember: Less is more

You might be used to simply wearing one ring (maybe it’s that all-important one…) - and when it comes to ring stacking, less is definitely more. Yes, we know that’s confusing, but it’s an essential part of the process. Over-accessorising can completely change the look and feel of an outfit (and not necessarily for the better).

Simply removing one or two pieces before you leave the house can elevate your style - helping you achieve that chic and high-end look you’re after. The same goes for stackable rings. If every single finger has two rings, even in differing styles and metals, this will appear crowded and out of proportion.

Be creative

Although we’ve outlined some hints and tips on how to wear stackable rings, these are simply guidelines. Your style comes from within and, above all else, we want you to let your creativity shine through your jewellery.

Stacking rings is a creative process in itself, from choosing the right metals and styles, to how you layer them on your fingers. Embrace that creative side and wear them in a way that feels right to you.

The finishing touch

Stackable rings are a great way to show off your personality and creativity through jewellery, as well as elevate your style. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix old with new, perhaps allowing you to wear pieces you might have been saving for a special occasion - and make every day that special occasion.

Choosing the right stackable rings for your style is a completely personal choice - and even though we’ve offered some guidance on how to get started with ring stacking, the process really allows for creative freedom.

Whatever you feel comfortable with (and doesn’t stop you from moving your fingers) is the right way to stack your rings. Happy stacking!