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Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Virgo In Your Life

It’s Virgo season, and those with Virgos in their lives might be looking for some unique jewelry gift ideas. At BRUNA, we’ve got you covered.

As an Earth sign, Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd and are thought to be guided by the planet Mercury. They tend to be logical, focused, loyal, and practical They know what they want and they’ll get it, while still being kind to others.

There are plenty of jewelry gift ideas that will suit this type of personality, even if they’re not into astrology. We’ve complied a gift guide for all of the Virgos out there. Scroll to find out which jewelry suits this gentle Earth sign.

All about Virgos

One of the most entertaining aspects of astrology is trying to spot the signs’ personality traits in everyday life. Maybe you’ve got a colleague who is extremely focused, but also incredibly supportive and kind? Ask for their birthday and they might just surprise you…

What is the zodiac sign for Virgos?

Virgos are an Earth sign, which means they’re grounded. They’re also represented by the Greek Goddess, Demeter, who is the symbol of the maiden. She rules over the harvest agriculture and does so with logic, care, and with appreciation of nature. Demeter is also incredibly focused and pays particular attention to detail. Is your Virgo friend or partner a stickler for details? Now, you know why.

What month is a Virgo zodiac sign?

Virgos are born from the middle of August through the middle of September. Following a month of vibrant and energetic Leos, Virgos impart a sense serenity and steadfastness that guides us into autumn. You might find that Virgos have a tranquil and calm disposition that makes you feel at ease.

Even if you’re not a Virgo yourself, you might find that you feel more at peace during the last few weeks of September. Virgo Season can even influence non-Virgos to take on the sign’s traits. Some may find that they are more motivated to focus on goal setting or trying to cultivate a sense of calm.

Virgo personality traits

Like Demeter, Virgos possess similar personality traits, such as loyalty, determination, and logic. They tend to be practical in their approach to life, but this certainly doesn’t mean they’re cold and heartless. They’re incredibly in touch with their feelings. This means you’ve probably received extremely thoughtful and beautiful gifts from a Virgo before. Now is the perfect time to gift them in return with exquisite jewellery.

Through this practicality, Virgos are able to complete projects and commit to new hobbies. They execute these brilliantly, often being dubbed as perfectionists. This perfection comes from an innate drive to do well and achieve more, which is why they try to lead a minimal and streamlined life. Virgos need gifts that will complement their personality. Virgos also crave knowledge and are extremely curious about the world around them. In addition to this, they are extremely thoughtful in every aspect of their life, from caring deeply for friends and family to championing environmental causes. A few famous Virgos include Blake Lively, Beyonce, and Zendaya. . However, what you’ll notice about these celebrities is that their red carpet and everyday looks are simple, but impactful. They make a statement, while keeping it practical.

What are the strengths of a Virgo?

As we’ve briefly touched on, Virgos have many admirable qualities, from their determination to their soft disposition.Virgos tend to be very successful, but grounded. . They’re loyal and consistent, making them an astounding friend and teammate.

Some typical careers Virgos tend to lean towards are lawyers, journalists, and business owners, or you may find them in caregiving roles, such as nurses and doctors. You might find the Virgo in your life has an incredibly successful career, but also volunteers at the weekends or is always raising money for causes close to their heart.

One thing to bear in mind is that Virgos can be a little picky, but only because they know what they like. In some respects, this might make them easier to buy for, as you know their style and tastes. However, this also means they might have a precise idea of what they want, and it’s your job to live up to this expectation. Luckily, we’ve complied a list of ideas below.

Virgo Jewelry Gift Ideas

Timeless and charming are two words you should keep in mind when buying a Virgo jewelry. Virgos tend to have impeccable taste and style, which is why it might feel daunting to buy them something as personal as jewelry. High-quality, everlasting, and ethical jewelry is key, as your Virgo will want to keep this forever and still remain stylish.

We’ve outlined some key pieces below, as well as some essential tips for choosing jewelry for the Virgo in your life.

Minimalist Jewelry

As we’ve seen from learning a little more about Virgos, their aesthetic is clean and simple. Anything complicated and busy can be overwhelming for them, and the same goes for their taste in jewelry.

Minimalistic jewelry is ideal for the Virgo in your life rather than a statement piece. Look for pieces that have a subtlee beauty, such as delicate chains, and matching jewellery sets.

Minimal doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’, however. Virgos might be logical and sensible , but they’re also extremely curious and want to learn more about the story and sustainability of their jewelry. They have an eye for interesting pieces, without being over-the-top.

Practical Jewelry

Virgos are best suited for easy-to-wear pieces that won’t overpower their headspace, making fine, gold bracelets and earrings a superb choice.

Virgos have an environmental conscience built in. At BRUNA, all of our pieces have been made with the environment in mind, using sustainably processed raw materials. Modern takes on classics

Virgos are drawn to classic jewelry with a fresh, modern spin. Our Fine Lines collection harmoniously brings the world of old and new together, making the pieces excellent gifting options for Virgos.

Symbolic jewelry

With such as thirst for knowledge, Virgos love learning about symbols and their meanings. Jewelry that incorporates symbols allows your Virgo to literally wear a message . Our dreamy 18K gold charms are made ethically with hidden meanings woven into their design, making them the perfect choice for a Virgo. , Symbols can come in the form of gemstones too. Pearls are a great stone for Virgos, as they’re simple, but incredibly interesting, with a rich history. Although the Zodiac stone for a Virgo is the sapphire, this doesn’t mean you have to incorporate that into your jewellery gift. Jewelry in neutral tones is a fantastic match for a Virgo, as it’s more in line with their minimal taste.

Finishing touches

One thing to remember when buying jewellery for the Virgo in your life is not to feel daunted. Yes, they might have particular tastes and styles, but they’re also curious, so they like to discover new things. A high-quality and ethically-made - piece of jewelry is perfect for your Earth sign friend or partner who cares deeply about the world around them and wants their jewellery to reflect this.

If you do have a Virgo in your life, then thank your lucky stars (quite literally). ). The thought you put into this gift won’t go unappreciated and will make the Virgo in your life feel special and loved.