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Top 13 Jewellery Trends to Invest in for 2022

Isn’t finding the right jewellery such a love-at-first-sight affair? You’ll be picking through antique-store treasure chests, or lost in catalogue pages. And then that perfect piece just… jumps out at you.

Well, 2022’s jewellery trends have given us all plenty of treasure to dig through. We can’t pore over every last piece together - although wouldn’t that be the life? But what we can do is take a quick look at what’s on trend this year.

And the good thing is, there really is something for everyone! Yes, we’ve all heard that one before. But it’s never been truer than it is for 2022. Some daring comebacks, some playful surprises…

Let’s take a peek!

Bold Colours

It was a relief to see the Spring/Summer catwalks alive with bold colours. It’s been such a gloomy couple of years, hasn’t it? ‘Very Peri’ lilac and daffodil yellow are all especially on-trend right now. Plus, our old friend Bottega Green is back in town!

These colours are so eye-catching that even a little touch will lift the simplest of outfits. So just find a little ring or pendant with a splash of something bold. It’s probably the easiest trend to hit!

Mixed Metals

This one was a surprise. Were you also told growing up that mixing your metals was a big No? It used to be one of the hard-and-fast fashion rules, like never mixing brown and green!

But that’s out the window for 2022. No more choosing between your signature silver ring and that rose gold bracelet you’re been meaning to wear! Everything’s in style with metals this year - and we mean everything, all together (all at once!).

Statement Pieces

Speaking of that statement silver ring… more good news! Gone are the days of barely-there, slimline jewellery pieces. The return of ‘80s fashion has put statement pieces back on top.

So now’s the season to release that inner dragon. No, not the flame-spitter (although we all have our days!). We mean that part of you which lusts after something truly extravagant to add to your hoard. Here are the statement trends you can watch out for. And okay, maybe a little flame-spitting would also be fun along the way…

Signet Rings

If it’s a classic treasure you’re looking for, you’ll really want to have (at least!) one signet ring in your collection. Because they’ve come right back on trend for 2022. Signet rings have been used since way back in 3500 BC to express identity. What’s interesting is that all these years later, they still do the same thing! Even if it’s more as a fashion statement than a wax-sealing trinket.

You can really feel that timelessness when you slip one on, can’t you? If you’re a real treasure seeker, you might like this Puglia Ring. It’s a mysterious and sophisticated combo of 18k gold and onyx, a gemstone supposed to bring good fortune.

Large Stone-Set Rings

Sometimes though, you’ll just be having one of those Diva days. You know the ones – when you wake up on top of the world, you’re making every green light - even your hair’s doing that thing you love! Well, here’s some good news for that inner diva. Large, glittering stones are firmly back in season for 2022. And you don’t even need to splash out on anything too crazy.

Because just one single stone-set ring with a statement gem can really make your outfit sing. Try wearing it solo, stacked with slimmer bands, even with your most casual jeans. Really, it’ll make any old thing feel like a million dollars!

Big Stones

This brings us to big stones on the whole. You’ll have noticed they’ve been absolutely everywhere this season! And this is good news if you’re not a ring-wearer by habit. Because you can get the same effect, a little more easily even, with necklaces, earrings, and other studs set with large gems.

Clip-On Earrings and Oversized Studs

There is one problem with big beautiful stone earrings, though - you need lobes of steel! We’ve all been there, stashing the statement pendants in your purse at the end of the evening to give your ears a rest. And suddenly it feels like the whole outfit loses that special something.

Thankfully, ‘50s-era clip-on earrings are back in. About time too, no? There was always something so special about those curious old pieces from your grandmother’s jewellery box. And with clip-ons, you can go for something a little more statement without exhausting your ears.

Oversized studs, too, are back on trend. But look for lightweight pieces like broad discs, interesting shapes, or maybe something with a flirty little tassel. You’ll never want to take them off - and you’ll never have to!

Playful Pieces

Remember when we said that 2022 really has something for everyone? Well, this is what we mean: playful pieces. And when we say playful, we mean it. The more playful the better.

If you’ve ever flirted with unusual styles, now is the season to really commit! To anything from candy-coloured beads and cartoon character watches, to smiley face pendants. In fact, find the weirdest thing you ever loved as a kid. Add some beads. Put it on a necklace. That’s the kind of attitude some jewellery designers are bringing to 2022. And we love it!

Personalised Pieces

Now, half of the fun with wearing jewellery is that it lets you tell your own story in subtle ways. Everything you’re wearing (or not wearing) right now is a direct expression of who you are. In 2022, though, we’re taking it to the next level with fully personalised pieces.

Nameplate Necklaces

In fact, nameplate necklaces have emerged as a top in-style piece for 2022. You might remember these best from your schooldays, right? Or as souvenirs from sun-kissed summer holidays?

Well, part of the appeal of these slender, highly personal pieces is their nostalgic charm. So don’t be afraid to lean into it! A nameplate necklace is an easy way to complement your outfit with something that’s truly your own. Plus, we’re going into party season - so what better way to meet new people!

Zodiac Jewellery

Did you get as deep into horoscopes over the last couple of years as we did? Everything was turned upside, but it was reassuring to feel that at least the universe had a plan. Enough designers have felt the same for the zodiac to tip over into a real 2022 trend.

Dior’s couture and homeware collections wove zodiac references into their fall 2021 designs, for example. In fact, now we’ve pointed it out, you’re going to start seeing it everywhere! We think it’s a nice trend to jump onto, as well as an easy one. Even if it’s a simple star-sign pendant, you can wear it with truly anything.

The Choker Reimagined

This year’s choker trend is a little less versatile. The 2022 choker isn’t one of those cute little plastic net ones from the nineties (although, more on the Y2K revival later…). And one thing it isn’t is subtle!

Blingy, Chunky Chokers

The 2022 choker is defined by a flair for the extravagant. It’s a chunky metal chain, it’s layered with a messy nest of smaller necklaces, and if you look for one hung with big stones? Well, you’re ticking all the style boxes this year.


No matter how many smart devices and electronics they throw at us, a good watch will never go out of date! And let’s be honest, doesn’t it look a whole lot better than checking the time on your phone?

Opting for a coloured watch dial will put you bang on trend with designers like Gucci, Bulgari, and Patek Phillippe this year. We’re seeing these emerge in rich jewel tones (green is still a prize pick) and fanciful baby pinks. But if you want a more versatile, day-to-day accessory, well - vintage and minimalist watches have never really gone out of style, have they!

Y2K Revival

TikTok and Gen Z have continued to keep Y2K fashion alive. Who’d have thought cargo pants and bucket hats would come around again so soon! It’s a nice trend to welcome into your style wardrobe, though - whether it’s brand new to you or an old friend.

And there’s one item in particular, thanks to celebrity fans like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, that’s become a clear must-have…

Plastic Jewellery Trend

Yes, plastic jewellery is back! And it will give you such a great little dopamine boost in the morning whilst your coffee is brewing. That’s because plastic is so versatile that designers are doing some truly exciting things with it in 2022. In fact, every trend we’re including here is one you can do in playful plastics!

Chunky statement rings are especially popular right now. But don’t stop there. You really can (and should!) layer them with anything - the more the merrier.

Sustainable Jewellery

The trend for sustainable jewellery couldn’t be further away from the Y2K revival’s celebration of synthetics. But it’s a movement that’s been gathering good steam. Finally! Because when your jewellery is sustainable, it just hits different. You’ll know this if you’re already a BRUNA lover. We’ve been living this philosophy for years.

It’s because you can wear something sustainable with a different kind of confidence: the confidence that you’re making the right choice. So that’s why it’s nice to see people coming on board with us. We know you’ll all shine that much brighter for it!

Pearls & Natural Stones

Talk about BRUNA’s philosophy coming into fashion this year. Now our signature pearls are in the spotlight too!

Vintage trends this year saw designers like Valentino, Tom Ford, and Givenchy all piling on the pearls alongside statement chokers and chains. If this sounds intimidating (or expensive!), a single string will hit that style note this year just the same. Interestingly, you’ll see that 2022’s ‘pearlcore’ tends to favour perfectly imperfect pearls. We’re thrilled to see more people embracing them!

BRUNA's Pearls

That’s because we use perfectly imperfect pearls in many of our BRUNA pieces. In fact, if you haven’t been introduced to them already, let’s go ahead and take a look. See our popular Champagne Necklace, for example. This combines keshi and stunning baroque pearls with 18k gold. See here how the light plays differently across the irregular shapes? They truly glow, and each one’s completely unique - just like the wearer.

Fringed Jewellery

Fringed jewellery has been teasing a comeback on the runways since its reappearance in Fall 2021. Now, it’s firmly back in again, but with a twist! You can go classic tassel if you like. Or, you can take this year’s punk twist and substitute that textile for metal fringing. This is especially effective if you combine it with the chunky, blingy collar trend.

Find Your 2022 Jewellery Treasures Today

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So you see, we weren’t lying when we said there really is something for everyone in 2022! We know at least one of the trends will have whet your appetite.... Just remember that this year is about bold, personalised, devil-may-care style choices, along with a return to time-tested and classical looks.

Stuck with what that might look like?

You can take a peek at our VOYAGE pieces. You’ll see how just a single piece can blend together a number of these exciting and varied 2022 jewellery trends!

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