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Pearl anklets

Pearl anklets

Want to be transported to the sunny beaches of the Pacific? Look no further. Our pearl anklets are made with genuine pearls that bring that warm summer feeling straight to your everyday. With each and every pearl a stunning reflection of nature's beauty, you'll have a jewelry piece that's truly unique.



Out of stock Bordeaux Ankletthe Bordeaux Anklet - BRUNA The Label
Antibes AnkletAntibes Anklet
Out of stock Terra AnkletTerra Anklet


Can I wear my pearl anklet every day?

The short answer is yes, you can! Actually, thanks to the oils that protect your skin, your pearl anklet will do better with frequent wear. So cherish it and show it off on the regular to keep it looking its best.

Why are my pearls a different color or size than in the picture?

We use only genuine freshwater pearls and saltwater Tahitian keshi pearls in our jewelry. As they're a natural product, they're unique in color, size, and shape, which is why we love them. We've carefully combed through these beautiful products and chosen your pearls with lots of love and care, and as truly unique pieces they'll remind you each and every day of the incomparable beauty of nature.