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Bridal favorites from our founder


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Drop Earrings

18k Gold Vermeil

Peony Bold Ring

18k Gold Vermeil

Liguria Logo Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Benevento Pearl Ring

18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls

Turin Cuff Bracelet

18k Gold Vermeil

Aria Ring

18k Gold Vermeil


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Out Of Office

Our spring collection is here—and it's channeling a powerful sartorial presence by way of elevated drop earrings, nostalgic cord necklaces, and knotted hoops. Discover covetable jewelry designs that trace a sophisticated line between laid-back luxury and contemporary after-work style.



New Trending Tuscany Loop EarringsTuscany Loop Earrings
New Tuscany Loop Cord NecklaceTuscany Loop Cord Necklace
New Trending Trento EarringsTrento Earrings
New Romea EarringsRomea Earrings
New Trending Trevi EarringsTrevi Earrings
New Drop Logo EarringsDrop Logo Earrings
New Luce EarringsLuce Earrings
New Trending Amore Velvet Cord NecklaceAmore Velvet Cord Necklace
New Trending Catania ChokerCatania Choker
New Copertino EarringsCopertino Earrings
New Trending Marconi RingMarconi Ring
New Trending Merida Topaz HoopsMerida Topaz Hoops
Merida Topaz Hoops Sale priceCHF 159 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New 925 Sterling SilverDrop Mini Earrings
New Drop EarringsDrop Earrings
New Peony Bold RingPeony Bold Ring
New Tropea Cord NecklaceTropea Cord Necklace
New Cortese NecklaceCortese Necklace
New Valli EarringsValli Earrings
New Trending Tuscany Loop RingTuscany Loop Ring
New Tuscany Loop Onyx EarringsTuscany Loop Onyx Earrings
Tuscany Loop Onyx Earrings Sale priceCHF 213 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Trending Fasano NecklaceFasano Necklace
New Trevi Onyx EarringsTrevi Onyx Earrings
New Trending Aria RingAria Ring
New Lazio Topaz RingLazio Topaz Ring
Lazio Topaz Ring Sale priceCHF 123 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Liguria Logo Cuff BraceletLiguria Logo Cuff Bracelet
New Bosco NecklaceBosco Necklace
New Catania NecklaceCatania Necklace
New Trending 925 Sterling SilverLumière Onyx Hoops
Lumière Onyx Hoops Sale priceCHF 95 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Trending Fortuna Onyx NecklaceFortuna Onyx Necklace
Fortuna Onyx Necklace Sale priceCHF 181 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Assisi Onyx NecklaceAssisi Onyx Necklace
Assisi Onyx Necklace Sale priceCHF 170 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Turin NecklaceTurin Necklace
New Trending Turin Cuff BraceletTurin Cuff Bracelet
New Benevento Pearl RingBenevento Pearl Ring
New Benevento Onyx RingBenevento Onyx Ring
New Arno NecklaceArno Necklace
New Messina ChokerMessina Choker
New Trending Corvina Pearl RingCorvina Pearl Ring
New Corvina Onyx RingCorvina Onyx Ring
Exclusive Offer New Tuscany SetTuscany Set
Exclusive Offer New Trento SetTrento Set
Exclusive Offer New Turin SetTurin Set
Exclusive Offer New Logo SetLogo Set