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What Jewelry to Wear to Work

The work world has changed a bit in recent years. Hybrid working and remote jobs are steadily becoming the norm, drastically changing the traditional work environment. Now, many of us seem to find ourselves questioning what to wear to work. With more and more Zoom meetings and completely remote companies in 2020 than ever before, the focal point of dressing is from the torso up. Jewelry is an elegant and simple way to make sure you always look put together and streamlined when online or in person!

Just follow our easy guide below to find out how…

What jewelry should you wear to work?

Jewelry showcases our personality in every area of our lives – work included! Depending on your job, you may find that you can really use jewelry to express yourself, or you may want to follow certain guidelines. For example, if you work in a creative industry, you might want to use jewelry as an extension of your artistic energy, choosing fun pieces with pops of color. Or, if you work in finance, you might find you prefer pieces that are more subtle and delicate. When in doubt, the best rule of thumb is to read your workplace and see what the environment is like.

Tips for jewelry in the workplace

Less is more

In everyday life, less is more. Too many pieces of jewelry quickly make a look feel overstyled. So, it is better to grab fewer accessories and put them on display with well-thought-out styling.

In general, you can stick to the so-called "rule of three". With this rule, you limit yourself to three of your favorite pieces. This can include a pair of earrings, a ring, and a necklace.

Neutral colors & classic materials

Bright hues and eye-catching designs can transform any basic look into a fashionable statement. The choice is yours, but if you want to stay on the safe side in the workplace, go for neutral tones like silver and gold. These are timeless, professional, and classic. Always match jewelry to your clothing and avoid mixing different metals. For example, if you wear a gold chain, then the rest of the jewelry should also be gold in color. With classic materials such as precious stones, laboratory-created diamonds, and pearls, you can give every office outfit an elegant touch.

Jewels that aren’t too noisy

You try to focus, and there it is again. The sound of jingling jewelry. In order to maintain concentration (and also as a courtesy to your work colleagues), try to reach for pieces of jewelry that don’t make too much noise.

Jewelry to avoid

In addition to noisy jewelry, there are other pieces of jewelry that you might want to shy away from at work. If you are working on a computer, bracelets can be annoying when typing. Even large statement earrings often prove uncomfortable if you're on the phone a lot. Do you work in a job that mainly uses your hands, or do you operate machines? Then rings or long, dangling necklaces might not be the right choice for you, as they can get caught.

Whenever choosing your jewelry for work, it depends on what job you do and whether they prove to be practical. However, you should always try to let your personality shine!

Jewelry to wear to work

Diamond & Gemstone Studs

Bask in the shimmer of diamond studs. Diamonds add a luxurious and chic touch to every look. These earrings are darling to wear every single day, no matter the occasion, from walking the dog in your athleisure to taking on an important meeting.

Small hoops

For a little change from studs or to draw more attention to your face, why not try a pair of small hoops when working? They come in different sizes, materials, and designs, from delicate ones studded with precious stones to classic versions in gold and silver, there is a suitable piece of jewelry for every taste. But beware: If there is a chance that your loved ones will get caught on something at work, then do without hoops and rather wear small studs.

Signet Rings

Signet rings are a great way to show off your individual style and add a romantic touch to your look. These precious pieces of jewelry can be personalized with initials, family crests, or small messages, combining a deeper meaning with modern design. Let the summer sun radiate around you with our Venice ring – a perfect addition to your work wardrobe!

Necklaces with pendants

Pendants are really versatile and classic, making them a great investment. We love pendants cast from gold and silver, adorned with a darling charm for added meaning and style.

Pearl Jewelry

Glossy pearls are appropriate for every job (and occasion). Whether you work in a traditional office or are 100% remote, pearl jewelry never ceases to pull a look together. You’ll find yourself reaching for your pearl jewelry time and time again, so it’s worth it to invest in high-quality pieces you’ll love and have for years to come.

Conclusion: Small accessories, big effect!

So, do you have some inspiration brewing to enliven your work wardrobe? No matter what industry you work in, jewelry elevates your look and helps express your personality. From online-only roles to in-person meetings, you can use jewelry to transmit the professional impression you want.

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