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Why Is A Tennis Bracelet Called A Tennis Bracelet?

Perhaps you were scrolling through Instagram recently, only to abruptly pause mid-scroll as some glossy jewelry caught your oh-so discerning eye. You zoomed into the picture, completely enchanted by IG's latest trend – the shimmery, dainty tennis bracelet.

As your stream of consciousness begins to unravel, questions start to pop up in your mind, such as: What is a tennis bracelet? Why is it called a tennis bracelet anyway? And, How should I wear one?

Luckily, we have the answers for you. Here at BRUNA, making responsible fine jewelry is our passion, from wanderlust-inspired pearls to delicate 14k solid gold pieces that become instant heirlooms. Let's dive into the amusing history of the tennis bracelet (hello, trivia night!), how to wear one, and why this on-point piece is one of FW22's major talking pieces…

The history behind tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets were initially called "eternity bracelets" as they were given as a symbol of everlasting love. It wasn't until the 1970s that people started referring to them as "tennis bracelets," thanks to professional tennis player Chris Evert. The stylish athlete became known for having a diamond bracelet snaking around her wrist – while playing in matches.

On one fateful night, Evert was competing in a particularly daunting match when suddenly, her diamond bracelet unclasped and flew through the air faster than the tennis ball. The game was instantly halted, and the search for the precious bracelet began. This was a solidifying moment for the tennis bracelet in history – it was a truely a showstopper.

How to pick the perfect tennis bracelet for you

The demand for tennis bracelets soared after that match. A style perennial, tennis bracelets are again catching the attention of style stars everywhere. The perfect little luxury, these slinky chains are both refined and a favorite of the sporty-chic pack, making them the ideal accessory for an off-duty athleisure look. Plus, with the '90s style resurgence still going strong, their minimalist appeal makes them both on-trend and timeless.

Tennis bracelet styles

Jewelry expresses more than mere adornment. While tennis bracelets are easy-to-wear and beautiful, one size doesn't fit all. This unique piece should feel like a modern heirloom from day one and can represent a special moment, person, or sentiment. There's a style for everyone with various designs, materials, and finishes. From colored gemstones and iridescent diamonds to rose gold and white gold bands, tennis bracelets are a joyful celebration of your unique style that will be sure to always raise a smile when you glance down at it. These sparkly bracelets are usually enclosed with a secure clasp, ensuring you won't have your personal Chris Evert moment.

How to wear a tennis bracelet

How should you wear them, you might ask? Tennis bracelets are infinitely adaptable, with both the perfect dose of shimmer for a captivating after-dark look and enough polish for a day of office meetings.

You can wear one alone for a minimal style, but why not try layering the tennis bracelet with your other favorite bracelets? The trick with layering jewelry is to pick ones that you adore by themselves, but that go together seamlessly. Try adding some of our responsibly sourced gold chains (both fine ones and bigger links work well here) or bracelets dotted with gemstones or pearls to add just the right amount of shine to your wrist.

When to gift a tennis bracelet

Fine jewelry is everlasting and full of uniquely personal and sentimental value. Tennis bracelets are a fantastic gift for yourself or loved ones, whether you are celebrating a birthday, new baby, or special moment. Gone are the days when just romantic partners and family gifted jewelry. Today, fine jewelry is a way to spread joy and show love to both your friends and yourself! You can easily personalize tennis bracelets by choosing a style that you know reflects the wearer or even selecting a bracelet crafted with their birthstone.


Tennis bracelets are a dainty addition to any jewelry aficionado's toolbox. They are undeniably charming when paired with a harmonious bundle of delicate bracelets, from fine gold and pearlescent numbers to linked chains. With styles ranging from timeless single-row diamonds to artistically-crafted pieces made with kaleidoscopic gems, these classic bracelets are worthy investment pieces for you to love now and wear forever.