Mare Sunglass Chain

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18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls

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A collection of calm-promoting Jade, healing Amazonite, and delicate pearls, our Mare sunglasses chain won't just keep your sunglasses close when you need them, but it'll ensure that all eyes are on you! Iridescent blue-green Amazonite and the rich earthy hues of Jade allow you to carry the elements of land and water with you while carrying your sunglasses too. Change things up and wrap the Mare around the waist to wear as a belly chain. Now that's what we call versatile style. Perfect for every day, wear with our Aria ring and your fave summer attire and get ready to turn some heads. Oh and we added something special for you babes: you can turn this beautiful sunglass chain not only into a necklace but also into a belly chain and face mask in a second by attaching an extension chain to this beauty. Win-Win right there!
  • Crafted from 18k gold vermeil
  • Jewelry box and cotton pouch with every order
  • Made in Thailand
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Genuine jade & amazonite gemstone
  • Rubbers loops fit any size frames
  • Length: 70 cm
14k White Gold

Made from 14k solid gold, our white gold jewelry is waterproof, durable, and designed to be worn all day, every day. Solid gold won't tarnish or discolor and will last for a lifetime with proper care.

18k Gold Vermeil

Not to be confused with ordinary gold-plated jewelry, our gold vermeil designs feature a thick layer of 18k gold on sterling silver. Handle these pieces with the proper care and they'll keep their shine for years to come.

925 Sterling Silver

A lightweight metal with a beautiful shine, sterling silver is made from 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper-based pre-alloys. Although it's normal for sterling silver to tarnish with time, you can help prevent this with regular wear and easily polish your pieces to remove any tarnishing.

14k Yellow Gold

Made from 14k solid gold, our yellow gold jewelry is waterproof, durable, and designed to be worn all day, every day. Solid gold won't tarnish or discolor and will last for a lifetime with proper care.


We use genuine cultured freshwater pearls and cultured Tahitian keshi pearls in our jewelry. Each pearl is unique and will vary in size and color—reflecting the unique beauty of its wearer. Pearls are especially delicate, so treat them with extra love and care.


Mother-of-pearl comes from the innermost layer of precious shells. Each piece is wonderfully unique and can vary in shade from pale pink to blue and green.


Every one of our genuine gemstones is carefully selected to impart a natural radiance to its wearer and ensure it stays with you for life.


One of the oldest techniques used to decorate jewelry, enamel adds a colorful accent to our designs. We use a durable epoxy resin enamel to minimize chipping from everyday wear.


Our genuine shells are a natural material from the Philippines. No two shells are alike—making them just as unique as their wearer.

Laboratory-grown diamonds

Possessing the same optical, chemical, and physical characteristics as mined diamonds, our sparkling laboratory-grown diamonds are an extraordinary example of how human ingenuity and science can replicate nature's beauty.


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