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Jewelry for College: Pieces for These Six Aesthetics

It’s that time of year again when crisp honey-tinged leaves are gracing the autumn ground, and *gasp* is it already back-to-school season? You or someone you know might be going to college or high school, and are on a mission to curate a personal look that will help you feel like your best self.

Whether you totally identify with that “clean girl” look or live for dark academia, we have a roundup of jewelry to pair with whatever aesthetic you vibe with. Read on for the BRUNA pieces that match these six Tik-Tok trending looks…

The Clean Girl

This Tik-Tok born trend permeates everything from personal style to home decor. What exactly is the “Clean Girl” aesthetic you might ask? Picture a girl with super dewy, minimal makeup, sleek matching activewear and drinking matcha while journaling. She’s always fresh and put-together, with a pension for delicate jewelry that seamlessly blends into her curated life. For this trend, monochrome sets are oh-so on point, so try layering some fine, gold jewelry that will become your everyday staples.

The Streetwear Girl

Tinged with a touch of 90s grunge, the current streetwear trend circling around Gen-Z’s feed is filled with baggy cargo pants, layered graphic tees, combat boots and topped off with beanies and bucket hats galore. Jewelry adds another element of interest, with mixing-and-matching fun pieces reigning supreme. Our Amalfitana Collection is the perfect choice for this aesthetic, blending colored beads and seashells with delicate pearls and fine silver and gold.

The Dark/Light Academia Girl

She loves hidden bookstores, tweed blazers, and is a modern prepster. The “dark” and “light” variations simply refer to color palette choice, with the dark academia style leaning into rich browns and mahogany while the light version prefers softer cashmere-hued pieces and pearl-tones. And speaking of pearls, nothing could be more on-point than a pair of Tahiti Studs and heirloom-worthy pieces.

The Cottage Core/Soft Girl

Do dreamy days spent meandering through gardens and lounging around a countryside cottage in a prairie dress sound like a picturesque scene to you? If so, you identify with the cottage core aesthetic. Pair your closet of vintage nightdress and puff sleeves with equally charming pearlescent pieces for an enchanting look.

The Baddie Girl

Made for scroll-stopping moments, this aesthetic is characterized by statement looks and inspired by the Kardashian-Jenner crew. Liquid dresses, full makeup and bold jewelry are the vibe here, so go for pieces that are true show-stoppers, like our Versailles Necklace. Shop the Voyage Collection.

Perfect College Pieces

Something about college gives endless-summer vibes. Many students emulate this vibrant, sunny, mentality with fun smile-inducing pieces. Our Menton Earrings personify this aesthetic, with cheeky smiley faces radiating out into the world. Try our Elementals Collection.




Styling jewelry for college is a fun and very personal endeavor. So our number one tip is to not take it too seriously, and try out lots of different looks and aesthetics! After all, college is a place where you can discover yourself and be whoever you want, so let your beautiful heart and style shine confidently with jewelry that reflects your personality. Shop Helena's Favorites.