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The 2024 Jewelry Trends to Have on Your Radar

Get ready to dazzle in 2024 because the jewelry scene is turning up the volume on style. It's a bling buffet out there, and this year is all about making a statement with your accessories. From bold bangles that bring main character energy to frosted earrings that say, "I woke up fabulous," the trending jewelry of 2024 is a riot of fun and flair.


This year's jewelry trends are like a party where everyone's invited. Think extra sparkle, bold bows, and letter charms that tell your story. Whether you're a maximalist who stacks rings like a boss or a minimalist who loves a single, show-stopping pendant, 2024 is all about personal expression. So unleash your inner jewelry maven and let the bling games begin!

Read on for the top jewelry trends of 2024.

It’s A Pearl World And We’re Just Living In It

Pearl jewelry is making waves in 2024 thanks, in part, to a certain little mermaid and the allure of her under-the-sea adventures. Tap the trend and channel your inner Ariel by layering necklaces like our La Mer Necklace and Chantilly Necklace. Or, if you're feeling a bit extra, opt for a statement pearl pendant like the one on our Monterosso Necklace.

Earrings fit for underwater royalty? Absolutely! Playful pearl drop earrings like our St. Ives Earrings will add a touch of whimsy to your world above. For a touch of elegance, go for the timeless Tahiti Studs that effortlessly transition from day to night. And for all the fashion-forward souls, try a pair of hoop earrings adorned with pearls like our Monaco Hoops.

Wrap your wrist in the charm of our Portofino Bracelet, the perfect companion for both casual outings and fancy soirees. And when it comes to rings, imagine two lustrous freshwater pearls nestled in a dainty setting on our Revel Ring—simple, sophisticated, and undeniably chic. So whether you're stacking, layering, or keeping it minimal, let pearls be the shining star of your 2024 style story.

Put a Bow on It

Bow-shaped jewelry has captured our hearts, offering the perfect blend of timeless charm and modern flair. From ribbon necklaces that make a sweet statement to bow bracelets that add a touch of whimsy, bow-shaped bling is becoming a go-to choice for fashionistas everywhere.

Whether you're into dainty details or bold, eye-catching designs, there's a bow-shaped piece to match your vibe. Jump on the bow bandwagon with our Chéri Earrings. Their charming shape will tie together any outfit and act as a playful twist on the accessory that's tying it all together in 2024. Round off your look with the Antibes Choker and the Aurelie Headband—because every queen needs a crown.

Black Magic

Black is back and onyx accents are stealing the spotlight on the jewelry stage this year. From minimalist vibes to edgy chic, black-accented jewelry is the secret weapon for those who want to be effortlessly stylish.

Whether you're rocking a sleek onyx pendant like our Como Necklace or making a statement with the Ohana Mini Hoops, this trend is all about blending timeless elegance with a touch of mystery. If you're feeling a bit bolder, slip on an edgy onyx-studded ring—maybe a geometric design like our Avino Ring or a timeless solitaire like our Cap-Ferrat Ring. Mix, match, and stack these designs to create a look that's uniquely yours.

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For a night out, go glam with the Nerano Ring. Pair it with a little black dress, and you're ready to own the spotlight. The best part? Onyx doesn't play by the rules—it's as versatile as your mood. So dive into this 2024 jewelry trend, experiment with different styles, and let your onyx jewelry do the talking. Because when it comes to being on trend, black is never basic.

The Diamond Leagues

Game, set, sparkle! In 2024, diamond tennis necklaces and tennis bracelets are taking the fashion court by storm. In the world of tennis jewelry, more is always more. So whether you're serving style at work or acing a casual outing, make these diamond designs your go-to accessories for a winning ensemble.

Tap the trend with our Lumière Hoops. These laboratory-grown diamond tennis hoop earrings will add a touch of sporty elegance to your everyday looks. Now let’s talk rings. Imagine three sparkling laboratory-grown diamond rings, each a unique player on your style team. Our Lecce Ring, a timeless eternity band, rests regally on your finger. The Caserta Ring, with its emerald-cut central diamond, adds a touch of glamour to your style lineup. And for the bold and contemporary, a statement tennis ring like our Elba Ring serves ace vibes with every wear. 

For an unexpected take on the trend, our Wifey Bracelet is primed to command attention on and off the court. Consider your style game set, matched, and ready to conquer the fashion championship.

Spell It Out

This year, it's all about spelling out your style with alphabet jewelry and letter charms. Our Love Letters collection is the perfect way to tap the trend for initial charms and personalize your look.

Perfect your ear stack with our playful Diamond Letter Stud earrings, each adorned with a different alphabet letter. For a more whimsical vibe, add on a few of our Diamond Letter Hoop earrings for an everyday look that’s all your own. These hoops are like the alphabet soup of style, letting you mix and match letters just for the fun of it.

Now, let's talk necklaces—because personalized bling is the name of the game. Picture a dainty Pearl Letter Charm suspended from our Positano Necklace, a subtle nod to your identity that's both chic and charming. If you're feeling a bit more expressive, opt for a bold initial pendant with a touch of sparkle, like our Diamond Letter Charm. Attach this little beauty in your letter of choice to our Lyon Necklace or Lille Chain for the perfect pairing that shows off your personality. In 2024, it's not just about accessorizing—it's about alphabetizing your style, one charming piece at a time.


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