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Top Trending Wedding Styles for 2023

No matter whether it’s your own big day you’re getting ready to celebrate or if you’re a bridesmaid or a guest looking to attend any wedding in style, there’s something so special about celebrating a loved one’s personal love story. At each and every wedding, you want to make sure you feel your very best, carrying that effortless feeling with you everywhere you go. Donning comfortable, flattering looks that let you dance the night away while totally feeling yourself is not always an easy feat, but we’ve done the hard work for you and have compiled the perfect guide to this year’s top trending wedding styles.

Take a look below for all the best tips and tricks to getting your bridal or wedding party style right, or if you’re a blushing bride looking for an extra bit of insight, scroll down further to find some top tips from our very own bride-to-be and BRUNA founder Helena and bridal advice from a professional wedding planner.

Engagement and wedding rings

When planning a wedding, it’s all about the details. Choosing your color scheme, picking out the perfect bouquet and comissioning your dream wedding cake - there’s so much that goes into executing an all-round beautiful event.

When it comes to your bridal attire, once you’ve chosen the perfect dress jewelry is the next big thing you want to get right. Your engagement ring and wedding band are naturally not only symbols of your love for one another and a way to symbolize the commitment you’re making to each other, but they’re also pieces you’ll wear each and every day for the rest of your lives.

Our Caserta Ring is a delicate delight and our own personal take on a traditional engagement style - a sleek gold band studded with elegant laboratory-grown diamonds that bring sparkle to the every day.

The Elba Ring is one for all true divas, its curved form embellished with a row of brilliant diamonds designed to catch the eye and add brightness to your life. 

The Lecce Ring draws on the much-loved and always trending eternity ring. A simply elegant band studded with size-matched diamonds, this will sit perfectly alongside your wedding band.

Additional rings

Just because your engagement ring - and of course your wedding band - are the star of the show for every bride, it doesn’t mean that a bit of extra bling doesn’t go amiss!

Adding an additional element of sparkle in the form of stoned rings or the lustrous shine of a naturally-created pearl can elevate your wedding attire no matter if you’re wearing a traditional white gown, a well-tailored suit, or you’re going all out and showing off your own personal style with an out-of-the-box look. From the eye-catching Belluno Ring to the fun and flirty Wifey Ring, these pieces will sit pretty alongside your engagement and wedding bands.

Belluno Ring - Dahlia Ring - Dolce Ring - Marino Ring - Wifey Ring


Earrings are a fabulous way to draw attention to the beaming smile that’s sure to grace your face. If you’re wearing your hair up, have a short hairstyle, or even if you’re going with a sleek wet look for big-day impact, our drop and dangling styles, such as the Favola Drop Earrings or Praiano Earrings can add big impact to your ensemble. Try the sparkling Lumiere Hoops to add glitz and glam. Or, if you’re a fan of the classic stud, we’ve got something for you too, with our classic pearly white Scilla Studs, nature-insired Eau Rose Studs or the beautifully symbolic Coeur Drop Stud

Airelles Studs - Allegro Earrings - Coeur Drop Stud - Eau Rose Studs - Favola Drop Earrings - Lumiere Hoops Grande - Paloma Earrings - Paloma Short Earrings - Praiano Earrings - Scilla Studs - Varenna Earrings - Vivo Earrings

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While all eyes will certainly be on you, a necklace can offer that additional glamour that’s never out of place at a wedding. A choker is a great addition to clothing with a boat neck or higher neckline, such as the Borchia Choker, the ideal piece for any beach-babe-at-heart, or the Vivo Choker, which harks back to old-school glamour. For a longer necklace that still embodies the beauty of nature, a piece such as the Geneva Necklace is a sleek, contemporary take that still feels easy-going and fresh. Or wear your heart on your chest (as well as on your sleeve) with the Coeur Necklace.

Borchia Choker - Coeur Necklace - Geneva Necklace - La Gioia Choker - Rocher Necklace - Wifey Necklace


Bracelets are sometimes lower down the list when you’re thinking of what to wear on your wedding day, however they can deliver big impact. When wearing a higher neck, such as a halter or stunning ruffles along the collar bone, a bracelet can be that perfect cherry on top of the cake. They can be sweet and delicate, such as the Portofino Bracelet or Toulouse Bracelet, or add an element of fun as you party the night away (just look at the Wifey Bracelet and you’ll instantly be transported to a vision of a long night celebrating with everyone near and dear to you.)

Portofino Bracelet - Toulouse Bracelet - Wifey Bracelet


Always dreamed of a fairytale wedding? Headbands are a stunning way to add that real princess feeling to your look, providing an extra touch of white or even holding up your veil! To go bold and beautiful, try the Bellagio Headband, adorned with natural pearls of different sizes that creates a halo above the face. Or, for a more paired-back, classically elegant style, our Tivoli Headband will leave you feeling just like Audrey Hepburn on your big day.

Bellagio Headband - Tivoli Headband

For bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride and wedding guests

It’s all about being there on the big day, showing your support for your bestie or family member and having some fun along the way. And while most of your day may be spent shedding a tear, turning it out on the dance floor or reconnecting with family, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling your very best too as you celebrate the new bride(s) and/or groom(s)!

If you’re a lover of classic elegant styles, look to the Varenna Earrings, Rocher Necklace or Paloma Short Earrings to inject your attire with that touch of je-ne-sais-quoi. For a slightly more casual look that by no means leaves you underdressed check out the La Gioia Choker, or if you’re a nature lover, you will surely adore the Eau Rose Earrings.

Tips from our very own bride-to-be, BRUNA founder Helena:

When is the best time to start looking for wedding dresses, wedding accessories and jewelry?

I am personally starting around 9 months prior to the big day to look for wedding dresses and wedding party looks. I have saved many on my pinterest board which I started many years ago ;) but as my style and me personally also evolved over time, most of them are not what I would get anymore. Once I have a clearer idea of the type of dress, I will start with designing my own jewelry for our big day :) If you are not a jewelry designer like me, you might want to start looking for jewels around 4-5 months prior to make sure you get your dream piece right on time. At BRUNA, we always launch our Bridal collections in Spring, so keep an eye out for it.

How do I choose my wedding style (whether wedding dress shopping or your whole party

I think the style of your wedding also resonates a lot with your personal look. If you’re a more classical person, you might look for a classy venue, clean and minimalistic interior, flowers and music. Whatever you pick, it’s you who has to love it, as it is your big day and not anyone else’s. So go for the idea that excites you the most and it will turn out perfectly. I personally love a good classy vibe with a touch of old school romance. High quality, simplistic, but classy from start to finish.

What is the top advice you got from your mother, best friends, or wedding planner?

Mostly that I should follow my heart and when it’s the right location, photographer or musician, your gut feeling will tell you. I am a very intuitive person and always listen to my heart and stomach equally, and it’s never left me out in the rain.

Should my bridesmaids wear the same dresses or not?

I love diversity and think it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and beautiful in what they wear, so it’s definitely not a must for me. I am very easy going and would find it okay if my bridesmaids do not wear the same dress. If the colour fits the overall vibe, I also think different colors can look lovely together.

Advice from wedding and event planner Katharina Landerberger:

As a planner I really advocate that every bride stays true to themselves. Every day we’re surrounded by so much inspiration and get inspired by photos and trends, so even though it can sometimes be hard, try to stay true to your own style and listen to your heart. Create a vision of your dream wedding before you contact a wedding planner. It’s important that the style and aesthetic you’re looking for fits with that of your planner’s, and that it’s clear what you want and what budget you’re working with. It should always feel like a really good match between you and the planner, because that’s the only way you’ll truly trust them and be able to let go of control. And last but not least: enjoy this planning phase! Try not to get too hung up on the little things, but take a step back to see the big picture - that you’re planning a fantastic celebration with your closest loved ones.

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