Behind the Scenes of BRUNA's Stockholm Shoot

Go behind the scenes in Stockholm with BRUNA’s Content & Creative Strategy Lead, Anna Espelage, on the occasion of our latest shoot for the April edit, All About Hoops. We’re talking about this edit’s inspirations, spring in Stockholm, and quintessential BRUNA hoops.

Where did the inspiration for this edit come from?

“The inspiration for our latest edit, All About Hoops, was deeply rooted in the ethos of Scandinavian design, drawing from its stark minimalism and clean lines. We wanted to capture the essence of contemporary cities like Stockholm, where sleek architecture meets modernity, and translate that into our edit. It was so inspiring being behind the scenes of the shoot in Stockholm and working closely with our photographer and models to bring that vision to life. We aimed to create a contemporary, refined space where each piece of jewelry could shine, and I think we achieved that.”

“By juxtaposing the timeless elegance of our hoop earrings with that kind of clean setting, we sought to highlight the modern design philosophy that defines BRUNA. Every detail, from the choice of models to the styling, was meticulously curated to resonate with our brand's aesthetic. So, really very understated, very sort of refined. We worked with a lot of natural cream, beige, and brown colors and with a lot of draped, flowing silhouettes that bring a sort of softness to the shoot. Ultimately, we wanted to showcase how our quintessential hoop earrings seamlessly integrate into the wardrobe of the modern professional as they go about their day, moving through different spaces and perspectives and experiences.”

Why Stockholm?

“Spring in Stockholm is so unpredictable. One day it can be snowing, and the next it’s beautiful and sunny. I’ve lived here for 8 years and really fallen for Stockholm during that time. The city itself has an incredible energy and was always the top pick for this shoot because of its deep-rooted connection with the Scandinavian design ethos.”

“Stockholm’s modern approach to design, with its sleek lines and minimalist allure, offers a grounded backdrop that resonates profoundly with BRUNA’s ethos. And beyond the aesthetic appeal, the city’s fashion culture and commitment to sustainability made it a great space that really works what we were trying to achieve.”

Where do you go in Stockholm to find inspiration?

“For a dose of Scandinavian design inspiration, I like Nordiska Galleriet. It’s full of curated objects and furniture that blend functionality and beauty. Dusty Deco is another favorite of mine for statement furniture that takes inspiration from iconic pieces and blends understated maximalism with a Scandinavian design approach.”

“Inspiration is found on every corner, but one of the best ways to get creative input is just to explore the city. I like to walk the streets, get a coffee at Gast Cafe, and do some writing. A favorite bar for natural wine and people-watching is Savant Bar in Vasastan. Gazza is a great trattoria in Södermalm with classic Italian dishes. And Riche is a Stockholm institution! It’s where we went to celebrate as a team after the shoot.”

What’s the quintessential BRUNA hoop?

“Definitely the Corsica Hoops. They’re such an iconic BRUNA design that captures that contemporary, everyday look. With this pair, there is still this element of elegance that juxtaposes a fine material with a very directional and bold silhouette. And it’s the merging of this harder element with a softer, curved silhouette that creates a really strong effect. In that way, it’s a real BRUNA look.”

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