The Good, the Bad, and the Inspiring

The Good, the Bad, and the Inspiring

BRUNA Is A Journey,
Not A Destination

We understand the importance of transparency. So we decided to make a page that openly talks about our hits, our misses, and the opportunities we’re excited about moving forward. We’ve learned a lot from our successes, but we’ve learned even more from our failures, and we feel it’s important to highlight the changes we’ve made because of them so that our community can understand where we started and where we’re headed. Only together can we work to reshape the world around us.

Why We Test Our Packaging

Why We Test Our Packaging

We like to think that just as important as our jewels are the boxes they’re delivered in. In other words, we pay a lot of attention to our packaging and are constantly looking for ways to improve it. This hasn’t been without its challenges.

In November 2022, a small batch of jewelry boxes created a big problem. Some of our customers were unboxing their new jewels only to find them badly tarnished. What had happened?

Turns out that the cardboard inlays at the base of this new batch of jewelry boxes were out-gassing excessive quantities of sulfur and, in a process known as oxidation, reacting with the surface of our jewelry to form silver sulfide—science talk aside, this caused an accelerated tarnishing in our sterling silver jewelry. And while it’s normal for sterling silver to eventually tarnish over a period of time, we learned that it’s possible (although rare and unlucky!) for packaging to emit such high levels of sulfur that would speed up the tarnishing process to this extent.

Together with our supplier we tested and implemented new inlays to replace the ones that were causing issues. When customers reached out to us about problems with their deliveries, we were very open about the problem and offered them free replacements. And to make sure nothing like this happens ever again, we put in place a series of rigorous tests that are conducted on every jewelry box batch before it goes to production. We’re satisfied with the solutions we found but still see plenty of opportunities for improvement in our packaging offer—so stay tuned for more developments!

How We Define Responsibility (And Why We Don’t Call Ourselves Sustainable)

Here at BRUNA, we want to take an honest approach to communicating about our journey, and that means being clear about what we are and what we’re not. We’ll come right out and say it—we’re not a sustainable brand. Even though creating conscious jewelry that has a positive impact on our ecosystems is at the heart of our vision, we’re not there yet. We believe the only way forward is to constantly improve and never settle. Since the beginning of BRUNA, we’ve made good steps in the right direction—and we’re far from finished.

Like all industries that produce and sell goods, today’s jewelry industry is a complex one that faces many challenges on the road to sustainability. We recognize that we’re part of the problem, but that doesn’t make us want to give up—instead it makes us even more determined to help change our industry and our world. To make this clear to our community, starting in 2022 we began to phase out the word sustainability from our communications. Instead, we prefer to talk about responsibility.

Ever since we started BRUNA, our intentions and actions have been informed by progress. Despite our small size, we have big ambitions and invest in resources that help protect our planet. We believe that we have a responsibility to act in line with ethical business standards, to protect the environment and the ecosystems from which we source our raw materials, and to treat workers in every part of our production chain in a dignified manner. That’s what responsibility means to us and that’s what we mean when we say that our jewelry is responsibly made. At BRUNA, we don’t have all the answers, but we do believe that progress is a process. That’s why we take steps each and every day to help shape a better industry and a better world.

To be continued...