14k Yellow Gold

Our 14k yellow gold pieces are made from the highest quality recycled gold and stamped with the industry standard 14k or 585.

Solid gold provides an added layer of durability to keep your jewels looking their best for a lifetime of wear. With a beautiful soft golden hue and hypo-allergenic qualities, our 14k yellow gold jewels are gentle in tone and on the skin.

So what’s the difference between our recycled gold & newly mined gold? There is no visible or chemical difference in the appearance or quality of our 14k recycled solid gold and freshly mined gold.

Recycled materials offer a responsible alternative that allows us to massively reduce our CO₂ footprint and create jewelry with a conscience. Our solid gold pieces are made from recycled yellow gold of the highest quality sourced from our certified supplier. Uncompromisingly conscious and stylish, as always.

14k White Gold

Our 14k recycled white gold pieces are made to last. They are incredibly durable and will not oxidize, ensuring that they remain glistening modern heirlooms you can wear all day. They are designed using only the highest quality 100% recycled white gold with the industry standard 14k (585).

Our recycled white gold pieces are visually and chemically exact to new white gold pieces. The fact that the gold is recycled rather than freshly mined allows us to significantly reduce our environmental footprint and CO₂ emissions, meaning we can create jewelry that works with the earth as much as possible rather than against it.

18k Gold Vermeil

Never heard of gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may)? Our recycled gold vermeil has a thick layer of gold set over high-quality sterling silver. This has nothing to do with regular gold plating, which consists of a thin layer that often wears off fast. We layer our base of sterling silver with gold to make it even more durable, allowing us to create premium pieces of jewelry without the price tags of solid gold. Gold vermeil is the perfect solution for those who fear metal allergies, as there is no unknown core metal other than a thick layer of solid gold and the base of high-quality sterling silver.

925 Sterling Silver

For all our silver items, we only use the highest quality, durable, and recycled 925 sterling silver, an alloy made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. All our sterling silver pieces are stamped with the 925 mark, indicating the metal's purity.

Laboratory-grown diamonds

Our sparkling diamonds are laboratory-grown and are an extraordinary example of how human ingenuity and science can replicate nature's beauty. They are optically, chemically, and physically identical to mined diamonds but formed above the earth's surface in a laboratory.

BRUNA's laboratory-grown diamonds are created using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. The CVD process begins by filling a vacuum chamber with gasses containing carbon. After that, a thin sliver of diamond seed is placed in the chamber. The chamber is then heated to 800 to 900°C. At these temperatures, the heat begins to break the gasses molecules, and carbon atoms crystalize on the diamond seed, growing it into a diamond - sort of like how snowflakes accumulate in a snowfall!

Laboratory-grown diamonds undergo the same grading process as mined diamonds by assessing the four C's of diamond quality: Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity.


We carefully choose every one of our genuine gemstones to ensure they stay with you for life. Each of our precious and semi-precious stones is of the highest quality (rated AAA) and is set apart by its rarity and natural beauty. Each piece is unique, and all our gorgeous gemstones are ethically sourced.


All of our beautiful pearls are carefully selected and handpicked with love. No pearl will ever look the same. Each is unique and varies in size and color–just like its wearer. That is the beauty of them! We only use genuine cultured freshwater pearls and genuine black Tahitian pearls.

Mother of pearl

In our collections, we use only genuine mother of pearl, the sparkling inner layer that protects the oyster, so each piece is wonderfully unique. We upcycle discarded oysters and a rare nacre that builds up within the shell, which we then use in our beautiful pieces.


Our genuine shells are a natural product from the Philippines and are handpicked with love. Please note that a slight variation in color and size is possible.


One of the oldest techniques of decorating jewelry, enamel is used to add a colorful and glossy layer to our recycled gold and silver pieces. Enamel is traditionally glass-based. However, we have used epoxy resin enamel to avoid chipping from everyday wear. This enamel is made of natural, raw materials to ensure increased durability and is a gentle procedure on the planet.