Ever since BRUNA was born, by a chance discovery on the island of Tahiti, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing exceptional jewellery that complements nature’s beauty and diversity.

So, to share with you that we are officially Climate Neutral Certified makes us so proud and excited for the journey we are on.

The heart of BRUNA has always been ‘Fine jewellery made responsibly’ and becoming Climate Neutral Certified is just the next step towards honouring these words.

How did we become Climate Neutral Certified?

Firstly, we measured our CO2 emissions for 2020 (165.6 tonnes), then we actively reduced this amount throughout our production and supply chain.

Zero emissions is an unrealistic goal. Every company causes emissions, regardless of how sustainable or economical it is. This is unavoidable — but there are ways to reduce, and offset our impact through climate protection projects.


3 steps to becoming Climate Neutral. Let’s break this down:



It starts by knowing your impact - and then working hard to be kinder to our planet.

Our CO2 emissions for 2020 measured to 165.6 tonnes. 

Although this amount is ‘not so bad' by comparison – we believe there is still room to grow and to keep our emissions as low as possible.



Sourcing the right stuff.

We are very aware that the extraction of raw materials has a big impact on the environment, which is why 100% of our pure Gold and Sterling Silver is already recycled and sourced from certified companies. 

Our other natural materials like gemstones and organic pearls are responsibly sourced and environmentally conscious. Finally, all our packaging is made from recycled & up-cycled materials to limit waste even further.



Let’s talk about those unavoidable emissions.

Together with Climate Neutral, we support a variety of Protection Projects to offset our unavoidable emissions and give back to the Planet. 

Cookstoves in Uganda
Replacing dirty charcoal stoves with efficient, environmentally friendly stoves in Ugandan Communities. This reduces local deforestation, burns 50% less wood and charcoal, and saves families 20% of their income that they would otherwise have to spend on fuel.

Biogas Development in China
Providing rural developing communities in Sichuan, China with Biogas digesters that convert organic waste into clean fuel and compost. This creates healthy sanitation systems, less coal, and wood burning, as well as good nutrients for their crops.

So what does Climate Neutral really mean?

Climate Neutral is about balancing your C02 calculation.

We keep measuring our emissions (+) while also seeking to reduce them, and by supporting Protection Projects we offset our impact (-).

All things in balance = Climate Neutral.

As proud as we are of this achievement - we see this as just the beginning of our journey.

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