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Benevento Onyx Ring

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{"gold"=>"18k Gold Vermeil", "gold_with_pearls"=>"18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls", "gold_with_gems"=>"18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones", "gold_with_gems_and_pearls"=>"18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones & Pearls", "metals_solid_gold"=>"14k Yellow Gold", "metals_solid_gold_with_pearls"=>"14k Yellow Gold & Pearls", "metals_solid_gold_with_gems"=>"14k Yellow Gold & Gemstones", "metals_solid_gold_with_gems_and_pearls"=>"14k Yellow Gold & Gemstones & Pearls", "metals_solid_gold_with_lab_diamonds"=>"14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds", "gold_with_silver"=>"Bicolor", "gold_with_silver_on_pdp"=>"18k Gold Vermeil & 925 Sterling Silver", "silver"=>"925 Sterling Silver", "silver_with_pearls"=>"925 Sterling Silver & Pearls", "silver_with_gems"=>"925 Sterling Silver & Gemstones", "silver_with_gems_and_pearls"=>"925 Sterling Silver & Gemstones & Pearls", "gold_with_enamel"=>"18k Gold Vermeil & Enamel", "metals_solid_gold_with_enamel"=>"14k Yellow Gold & Enamel", "silver_with_enamel"=>"925 Sterling Silver & Enamel", "white_gold"=>"14k White Gold", "white_gold_with_lab_diamonds"=>"14k White Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds", "pearls"=>"Pearls", "metals_solid_gold_with_silver"=>"Bicolor"}

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We craft our jewelry using high-quality materials from responsible suppliers who adhere to our environmental and social standards. We're committed to ethical sourcing and production with respect to people and the planet, as demonstrated by our Climate Neutral and FSC certifications, and our RJC membership.


Level up your stacking game with the Benevento Onyx Ring, featuring a wide ridged band and a black onyx stone in an O-shaped bezel setting.


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