Protecting and Restoring Natural Ecosystems

Climate action

The climate crisis is considered to be the biggest challenge facing today’s and future generations. But it’s not too late to act. At BRUNA, we’re committed to doing our part to combat the climate crisis by achieving climate neutrality.

We measure, reduce, and—as a last resort—offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with the global objectives of the Paris Agreement, and have been certified by the Change Climate Project since 2020.

We’ve taken steps to reduce our GHG emissions, including increasing the use of recycled materials, promoting responsible consumption, and improving logistics efficiency. And although we’re proud of our achievements, we know there is much more we can do. To this end, we’ve designed reduction action plans that will help us reduce our emissions as much as possible over time.

Still, we recognize that generating a residual amount of emissions is unfortunately unavoidable. We compensate for any emissions generated by purchasing Carbon Credits. With these purchases, we support projects that use nature-based solutions to remove carbon emissions from our atmosphere and fund renewable energy technologies around the world.


In 2023, we invested over €11,000 in carbon offsetting projects around the world to fully offset our 2022 emissions. Learn more about our new and past projects below:

Conscious materials

Natural resources are finite—but not all materials are created equal. It’s possible to protect the environment and contribute to equitable supply chains if we carefully choose conscious materials starting from the design phase of our jewelry.

We define “conscious materials” as low-impact materials from responsible suppliers who adhere to our social and environmental standards, as detailed in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners and Materials Standard.

Naturally, this includes recycled materials, the use of which allows us to maximize existing resources without putting additional pressure on the planet. For us, the term “conscious materials” also comprises materials that have a positive social impact. We know, for example, that artisanal gold mining represents an important source of livelihood for millions of workers around the world who are often trapped in a cycle of poverty. In order to improve working conditions and create value for these communities, we’re committed to adopting ethical gold and silver for our jewelry.

At BRUNA, we are committed to using ethical gold and silver for our jewelry. This means that we place great importance on sourcing precious metals from one of the following two sources that are encompassed in our definition of “ethical":

1. Recycled gold and silver supported by appropriate chain of custody documentation. A chain of custody is a documented sequence of custody of a material as it moves along the supply chain. Documentary evidence includes transfer documents, invoices, import/export, and shipping documentation.

2. Gold that’s responsibly sourced from artisanal mining communities, specifically, Fairtrade certified gold, Fairmined certified gold, or gold sourced through The Impact Facility (TIF).

To ensure that our precious metals align with these standards, we’ve adopted a management system for the definition, verification, and documentation of our provenance claims that’s outlined in our Provenance Claims Standard Operating Procedure.

Should the gold and silver used by any of our suppliers not fall under the two categories outlined above, we’ll compensate for any potential negative impacts associated with sourcing these materials.

Photo credit: Gustav Dahlqvist | TIF

We acknowledge that the jewelry industry relies on precious metals from artisanal mining communities in developing economies, which contribute 20% of the global gold supply. Despite supporting the livelihood of millions, artisanal mining faces challenges, including inadequate safety measures, the use of toxic chemicals like mercury, and issues of child labor and unfair prices.

To compensate for the potential risk of negative social and environmental impacts associated with the sourcing of mined precious metals in our supply chain, we’ll purchase an equivalent amount of Responsible Minerals Credits through TIF's book and claim system. This mechanism will allow us to contribute to increasing the share of responsibly sourced artisanal mined gold on the market while promoting the continuous improvement of the environmental, social, and governance performance of TIF’s partner mine sites.


Explore and read more about our materials and their unique features here.

Biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity is critical to supporting life on our planet. For this reason, we pay careful attention to the impact our supply chains have on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and are mindful of the complex relations between our planet, people, and animals.

Knowing that our beautiful jewelry depends on precious natural resources, we strive to continuously improve and adopt low-impact materials for our products and packaging. We also support biodiversity conservation as part of BRUNA’s Positive Impact Fund objectives.

Since 2019 we have donated over €225,000 to non-profit organizations, prioritizing those working towards conservation and restoration, and resilient communities. In particular, since 2021 we have been proud partners of the Jane Goodall Institute Austria, a global non-profit organization founded by the inspiring Dr. Jane Goodall to protect chimpanzees and other primates through holistic species conservation, holistic reforestation, and a beekeeping project in Western Uganda.

Learn more about our latest partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute here.

“What’s really important is to give people hope (...).

So how to give people hope? Explain to them that they as individuals matter, that what they do each day has some impact on the planet and they can choose what sort of impact to make.”



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