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The choker is the statement style that goes well beyond a trend. Whether you're channeling 90s chic, adding that elevated glimmer of gold to your date night look, or going above and beyond just because... why not!? Wear it on its own or show off your very own style and create a layered look by adding a choker to your everyday necklaces. Our gorgeous gold and sparkling silver chokers add that je-ne-sais-quoi that's always hard to resist.



New Trending Soleil ChokerSoleil Choker
New Verdon ChokerVerdon Choker
Verdon Choker Sale priceCHF 197 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
Back in Stock New Bisous ChokerBisous Choker
New Trending Rose ChokerRose Choker
New Trending Valence ChokerValence Choker
New Croix ChokerCroix Choker
Croix Choker Sale priceCHF 153 18k Gold Vermeil & Gemstones
New Saint-Savin ChokerSaint-Savin Choker
New Trending Catania ChokerCatania Choker
Back in Stock Bestseller Antibes Chokerthe Antibes Choker  |  Pre-order now for delivery by the end of May - BRUNA The Label
Antibes Choker Sale priceCHF 131 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
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Back in Stock Marquesa ChokerMarquesa Choker
Marquesa Choker Sale priceCHF 98 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Malibu Chokerthe Malibu Choker  |  Pre-order now for delivery by early June - BRUNA The Label
Bestseller Lightweight Monte Carlo ChokerMonte Carlo Choker
Bestseller Monti ChokerMonti Choker
New Messina ChokerMessina Choker
Bora Bora Chokerthe Bora Bora Choker - BRUNA The Label
Bora Bora Choker Sale priceCHF 142 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Fiore ChokerFiore Choker
Fiore Choker Sale priceCHF 203 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Terra ChokerTerra Choker
Chantilly ChokerChantilly Choker
Saint-Jean ChokerSaint-Jean Choker
Saint-Jean Choker Sale priceCHF 126 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
925 Sterling SilverLa Gioia Choker
La Gioia Choker Sale priceCHF 164 925 Sterling Silver
Trending Vivo ChokerVivo Choker
Borchia ChokerBorchia Choker


How to clean a gold or silver choker

Lather up a mild soap and gently rub your gold or silver choker with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Then simply give your treasure a rinse in clean water, lay it down on soft fabric (a tissue will do), and let it air dry. You can also remove little specs of dirt and prevent early mattifying with a cleaning wipe, but ensure it's suitably sensitive.

Because your jewelry deserves only the best, we've put together a Cleaning Kit to make your life easier and ensure your pieces stay sparkling.

How to layer gold chains

This is how to nail the perfect layering look with your fave choker:
- Choose necklaces of varying lengths
- Don't be scared to combine gold and silver necklaces
- Create a focal point with a statement necklace
- Mix up dainty chains and bold chunky pieces

How to keep your choker from tarnishing

Store your choker in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and both chlorinated and salt water, as these may remove the shine from your choker necklace and leave it looking matte. And don't forget to take your jewelry off before doing sport to ensure it stays with you for years to come.