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Pearl rings

Pearl rings

Pearls are at the heart of BRUNA's identity, and it's the natural beauty and uniqueness of each and every pearl that we love. Using only genuine freshwater pearls, saltwater Tahitian keshi pearls, and mother-of-pearl in our gorgeous selection of pearl-adorned rings, you're sure to find your new favorite piece that's as individual as you.



New Trending Gironde RingGironde Ring
New Saint-Savin Pearl RingSaint-Savin Pearl Ring
New Chéri RingChéri Ring
New Limoges RingLimoges Ring
New Trending Corvina Pearl RingCorvina Pearl Ring
Bestseller Puglia Pearl RingPuglia Pearl Ring
Puglia Pearl Ring Sale priceCHF 142 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
New Benevento Pearl RingBenevento Pearl Ring
Rosemary RingRosemary Ring
Bestseller Riva RingRiva Ring
Viana RingViana Ring
Avino Pearl RingAvino Pearl Ring
Back in Stock Bestseller Antibes RingAntibes Ring
Antibes Ring Sale priceCHF 54 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Back in Stock Santorin RingSantorin Ring
14k massivgold Dolce RingDolce Ring
Waiting list Out of stock Marino RingMarino Ring
Marino Ring 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Rhône RingRhône Ring
Back in Stock Roussillon Pearl RingRoussillon Pearl Ring
14k massivgold Revel RingRevel Ring
14k massivgold Rivoli RingRivoli Ring


How to clean a pearl ring

Even if you're careful with your pearl ring, it's best to clean it after each time you wear it. This will remove any residue that might remain from outside influences and make sure that your pearl ring will remain glossy in the long run. To do this, simply wipe the outside of your pearl ring down with a soft cloth - the one that comes with your glasses or sunglasses is ideal.

Your jewelry pieces deserve only the best, which is why we've put together our Cleaning Kit to ensure looking after your pieces is as easy as possible.

Do pearl rings have longevity?

We use only genuine freshwater pearls and saltwater Tahitian keshi pearls in our jewelry. As they're a natural product, they're unique in color, size, and shape, which is why we love them. We've carefully combed through these beautiful products and chosen your pearls with lots of love and care, and as truly unique pieces they'll remind you each and every day of the incomparable beauty of nature.