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Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces

There's an everlasting charm about a pearl necklace that has positioned it as a staple at the forefront of style for years. And no wonder, as they can transport you anywhere from the beaches of French Polynesia to an exclusive black-tie event. Whether you're dressing up for an evening out or dressing down for work, school, or just plain fun, our pearl necklaces are made for every day. From unique necklaces made with freshwater pearls or Tahitian keshi pearls, you're sure to find a pearl necklace that feels perfect for you.



New Trending Catania ChokerCatania Choker
Bestseller Antibes Chokerthe Antibes Choker  |  Pre-order now for delivery by the end of May - BRUNA The Label
Antibes Choker Sale priceCHF 128 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
New Catania NecklaceCatania Necklace
Bestseller Monterosso Necklacethe Monterosso Necklace  |  Pre-order now for delivery by the end of May - BRUNA The Label
Monterosso Necklace Sale priceCHF 105 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Marquesa ChokerMarquesa Choker
Marquesa Choker Sale priceCHF 96 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Bestseller Chantilly NecklaceChantilly Necklace
Chantilly Necklace Sale priceCHF 137 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Bestseller Out of stock La Mer NecklaceLa Mer Necklace
La Mer Necklace Sale priceCHF 128 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
New Messina ChokerMessina Choker
Bestseller Sorrento NecklaceSorrento Necklace
Sorrento Necklace Sale priceCHF 145 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Bestseller 925 Sterling Silverthe Mondello Necklace - BRUNA The Label
Mondello Necklace Sale priceCHF 134 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Out of stock Ravello NecklaceRavello Necklace
Como NecklaceComo Necklace
Como Necklace Sale priceCHF 181 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Bora Bora Chokerthe Bora Bora Choker - BRUNA The Label
Bora Bora Choker Sale priceCHF 138 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Amalfi Necklacethe Amalfi Necklace - BRUNA The Label
Amalfi Necklace Sale priceCHF 166 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Montpellier NecklaceMontpellier Necklace
Fiore ChokerFiore Choker
Fiore Choker Sale priceCHF 198 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Terra ChokerTerra Choker
Cassis NecklaceCassis Necklace
Cassis Necklace Sale priceCHF 128 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Chantilly ChokerChantilly Choker
Baia NecklaceBaia Necklace
Saint-Jean ChokerSaint-Jean Choker
Saint-Jean Choker Sale priceCHF 123 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Versailles NecklaceVersailles Necklace
Layering Sets Out of stock Veneto SetVeneto Set
14k massivgold Tahiti 14k Gold NecklaceTahiti 14k Gold Necklace
925 Sterling SilverAirelles Necklace
Airelles Necklace Sale priceCHF 181 18k Gold Vermeil & Pearls
Rocher NecklaceRocher Necklace
Antibes Choker Set925 Sterling Silver
Trending Vivo ChokerVivo Choker
Paris NecklaceParis Necklace
Borchia ChokerBorchia Choker
Borchia NecklaceBorchia Necklace
Trending Champagne NecklaceChampagne Necklace
Crema NecklaceCrema Necklace
Mare NecklaceMare Necklace
Out of stock Sicily NecklaceSicily Necklace
Marbella NecklaceMarbella Necklace
Valencia NecklaceValencia Necklace


How to clean a pearl necklace

Even if you're careful with your pearl necklace, it's best to clean it after each time you wear it. This will remove any residue that might remain from outside influences and make sure that your pearl necklace will remain glossy in the long run. To do this, simply wipe the outside of your pearl necklace down with a soft cloth - the one that comes with your glasses or sunglasses is ideal.

Because your jewelry deserves only the best, we've put together a Cleaning Kit to make your life easier and ensure your pieces stay sparkling.

Why are my pearls a different color or size than in the picture?

We use only genuine freshwater pearls and saltwater Tahitian keshi pearls in our jewelry. As they're a natural product, they're unique in color, size, and shape, which is why we love them. We've carefully combed through these beautiful products and chosen your pearls with lots of love and care, and as truly unique pieces they'll remind you each and every day of the incomparable beauty of nature.

What's the difference between a necklace and a choker?

Chokers lie right along your collarbone at a length of 30-40cm and so are in the perfect location to be the focal point of your outfit. A classic necklace is between 50-60cm and so toes the line between elegant and relaxed. That makes them the perfect accessory if you're looking for a pearl necklace you can wear both to work and in your free time.