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Delicate rings

Delicate rings

Delicate rings are a staple for any fashion-forward individual. Our ethical gold and sterling silver delicate rings perfectly complement casual day looks as well as chic eveningwear. Whether they're the sole adornment to your outfit or you use them as a base on which to build a cohesive style, delicate rings are a true must-have.



New Saint-Savin Pearl RingSaint-Savin Pearl Ring
New Saint-Savin Onyx RingSaint-Savin Onyx Ring
New Soleil RingSoleil Ring
New Trending Rose RingRose Ring
New Chéri RingChéri Ring
Bestseller Tuscany RingTuscany Ring
Limited Edition New Mom RingMom Ring
Prado RingPrado Ring
Floret RingFloret Ring
Back in Stock Samos RingSamos Ring
14k massivgold Back in Stock Alba RingAlba Ring
14k massivgold Rêve RingRêve Ring
Rêve Ring Sale priceCHF 647 14k Yellow Gold & Laboratory-grown Diamonds
14k massivgold Caserta RingCaserta Ring
14k massivgold Revel RingRevel Ring
14k massivgold AC


How to clean a delicate ring

Lather up a mild soap and gently rub your delicate rings with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Then simply give your treasure a rinse in clean water, lay it down on soft fabric (a tissue will do), and let it air dry. You can also remove little specs of dirt and prevent early mattifying with a cleaning wipe, but ensure it's suitably sensitive.

Because your jewelry deserves only the best, we've put together a Cleaning Kit to make your life easier and ensure your pieces stay sparkling.

How to keep your ring from tarnishing

Store your delicate rings in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, chemicals, and both chlorinated and salt water, as these may remove the shine from your rings and leave them looking matte. And don't forget to take your jewelry off before doing sport to ensure it stays with you for years to come.